The battle belongs to the Lord! And if you checkout the end of the book, He wins!

The Battle belongs to the Lord

Feeling like you are in the midst of a battle? Wondering where to turn? Wondering what did you do? Wondering what can you do?

We need to remember that yes, we are in the midst of a big spiritual battle taking place for the souls of everyone on earth, including our own.

We need to also remember that the battle belongs to the Lord and so we need to turn to Him for answers and wisdom.

He can help us know what to do to get the little and big victories.

He can help us understand what is going on and what we need to do about it.

He can help us make it, even when there doesn’t seem to be a way!

And in the end, by being on God’s team, we can live confident that we will end this battle in VICTORY!

Today’s reading…

  • 1 Chronicles 18
    • Victory in God’s favor and plan
  • 1 Chronicles 19
    • Even when we have good intentions, others can misinterpret our purposes and reasons
  • 1 Chronicles 20
    • Beware your wandering eye. Don’t just sit back, but move forward in all God has for you
  • 1 Chronicles 21
    • Beware putting your trust in anything other than God!
    • Be wise in choosing how to deal with the consequences of your decisions
    • It’s not an offering if it doesn’t cost you anything!
  • 1 Chronicles 22
    • God may have to delegate the work to your descendants based on some of the things you have done
    • You can still help in making sure that the preparations are made for their success in this work
  • 1 Chronicles 23
    • Align and assign the work that is to be done.
  • 1 Chronicles 24
    • Map out the roles and responsibilities for the work that is ahead
    • Delegate the work to the people
  • 1 Chronicles 25
    • Delegate according to their skills and gifts
  • 1 Chronicles 26
    • There are many things that need to be done. Map them out
  • 1 Chronicles 27
    • Make sure to find people who can help administrate the various areas
  • 1 Chronicles 28
    • Make sure they understand the plan and the reason
    • Make sure they know why
  • 1 Chronicles 29
    • When people see your heart they can buy in too and be generous as you have been generous
    • You won’t even have to ask
    • What we give was given to us by God, so we are just showing how much we trust God by giving back to Him
    • Everything belongs to God!


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