Picking sides.

Life is filled with choices and each choice has consequence. Good choices can lead to good consequences. Bad choices can lead to bad consequences. Choose wisely!

Ever heard of the battle of good vs. evil? If the choices were labelled that way, would it make it any easier for you to choose?

Ever heard of the battle of wits? How do you know who really is the smarter one?

Ever heard of the battle of … is it really a battle or just a preference? is it really a battle of choices? is it really a battle that needs be fought and won?

What if it was called the battle of right vs wrong? If those were the choices which would you choose?

What  if it was called the battle of good vs bad?

What if your choice made the difference between life and death? What if it was that big of a deal to make the right choice?

Would you be willing to risk trying out the wrong side? Would you be willing to take the risk of a temporary pleasure for long term loss? Would you be willing to sacrifice yourself? Would you be willing to sacrifice the lives of those you love? Would you be willing to go the distance for the right side, the good side?

Do you think you are safe just because of your title? because of your lineage? because of your parents? because of your ancestors? You need to make the decision for yourself! It’s a personal decision that each person has to make!

See something wrong? What will you do about it? Will you do anything? Will you try to correct the situation?

Ever heard the saying that “The only thing necessary for evil to win is for good men to do nothing”?

What are you going to do? Will you sit on the fence hoping for some wisdom? hoping that you can stay out of the crosshairs? hoping to avoid conflict? hoping that you can wait and see which side will win? hoping it won’t make a difference?

It makes a difference! It is a decision that will not only transform the life you live now on earth, but it will also impact and decide where you will spend eternity in the next life.

Today’s reading includes:

  • 1 Chronicles 5
  • 1 Chronicles 6
  • 1 Chronicles 7
  • 1 Chronicles 8
  • 1 Chronicles 9
  • 1 Chronicles 10
    • Decisions have consequences! Going to the wrong source to find answers can get you killed! Go to God for wisdom!
  • 1 Chronicles 11
    • There are consequences to your decisions! They can be good like what David experienced because he was walking with God and God was with him.
    • Do you have a “3”? Do you realize how important they are? Do you realize the character they have?
    • How about “30”? Do you have a set of “30”? (not from this reading, but another number to consider is 12)
  • 1 Chronicles 12
    • How do you rank? Are you senior and in charge of a thousand? Are you junior and in charge of a hundred?
    • Test and give them a choice. Let them stand by their work and pick sides. Allow God to be the judge!
  • 1 Chronicles 13
    • There is a right and a wrong way to do things
    • Doing it the wrong way can put people at risk of getting hurt
      • Even if due to a freak accident someone tries t do what they believe to be the right thing, it can have very grave consequences
      • What will drive your decisions? Fear? Anger? Heart for God?
  • 1 Chronicles 14
    • Always go to God for wisdom. Even if it looks like a situation you know and have had success in the past, check to make sure God doesn’t have another plan or way that He wants you to complete this task
    • His ways are better than our ways! His ways have a reason and a purpose
    • Do it God’s way

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