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What if the rulers went astray?

What if the presidents or prime ministers or kings or queens or dictators weren’t leading the country in the right direction? What if those in authority were leading people astray? What if their actions weren’t in alignment with God’s plan … Continue reading

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Are you detail oriented? Are you able to pull together all the details? Are you able to manage the details? Are you big picture or details type of a person? God gets both! He sees the big picture because He … Continue reading

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Gog and Magog…What is that? Where is that? What will their role be?

This morning’s reading started with “Gog as an instrument of God” and so I wanted to look further into what and where and why… Doing some online research came up with a few answers like:  ( Another search provided me: … Continue reading

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Whose side are you on anyways?

Do you realize we were all created with a freewill and as such each have to make the decision for ourselves? Do you realize that our choices comes with consequences? Choose wisely and the outcome will be good! Choose wrongly … Continue reading

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Will you give the message that you have to deliver? Will you be a good lookout?

Will you keep an eye out and warn others? Will you keep an eye out and be on guard? Will you take what you see and let others know? Will you deliver the warning they need to receive? Will take … Continue reading

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