How do you do it? What are you supposed to do?

Ever been in a situation where you weren’t sure what to do? Ever been in a situation where you were looking for direction and instruction? Are you looking for an example of what to do? Are you looking for someone who can lead by example? Are you looking for someone who has already done it and can help  you navigate through the journey in front of you? It’s always amazing to me how a subject comes up and then how God’s Word speaks right into it! So let’s turn to God’s Word and practice what He teaches us!

Called by example

Today’s reading starts here…

12After Jesus had washed their feet, he put his outer garment back on and returned to his place at the table. “Do you understand what I have just done to you?” he asked. 13“You call me Teacher and Lord, and it is right that you do so, because that is what I am. 14I, your Lord and Teacher, have just washed your feet. You, then, should wash one another’s feet. 15I have set an example for you, so that you will do just what I have done for you. 16I am telling you the truth: no slaves are greater than their master, and no messengers are greater than the one who sent them. 17Now that you know this truth, how happy you will be if you put it into practice!

–from John 13

We can’t just hear about it, we have to practice it so that we are prepared in advance for the good work that He has planned for us to do. God’s plan isn’t for us to walking fear or doubt or worry. His plan is that we mercy, peace, faith, hope, and love!

1From Jude, servant of Jesus Christ, and brother of James—To those who have been called by God, who live in the love of God the Father and the protection of Jesus Christ: 2May mercy, peace, and love be yours in full measure.

False Teachers

3My dear friends, I was doing my best to write to you about the salvation we share in common, when I felt the need of writing at once to encourage you to fight on for the faith which once and for all God has given to his people. 4For some godless people have slipped in unnoticed among us, persons who distort the message about the grace of our God in order to excuse their immoral ways, and who reject Jesus Christ, our only Master and Lord. Long ago the Scriptures predicted the condemnation they have received. 5For even though you know all this, I want to remind you of how the Lord once rescued the people of Israel from Egypt, but afterward destroyed those who did not believe. 6Remember the angels who did not stay within the limits of their proper authority, but abandoned their own dwelling place: they are bound with eternal chains in the darkness below, where God is keeping them for that great Day on which they will be condemned. 7Remember Sodom and Gomorrah, and the nearby towns, whose people acted as those angels did and indulged in sexual immorality and perversion: they suffer the punishment of eternal fire as a plain warning to all.

–from Jude 1

He has prepared in advance for us! He has gone before for us to prepare a place f or us! In the old testament, there were promises and instruction, rules and laws, but not everyone got it. And without Jesus, it is hard to really understand how after death there is a difference. Without having read the end of the book of revelation people may not realize there is a different ending point . Eternity with God vs. Eternity apart from God! It makes a difference!  We will close today’s reading in the book of Job, at the mid point of his story…


1-2Listen to what I am saying; that is all the comfort I ask from you. 3Give me a chance to speak and then, when I am through, sneer if you like. 4My quarrel is not with mortals; I have good reason to be impatient. 5Look at me. Isn’t that enough to make you stare in shocked silence? 6When I think of what has happened to me, I am stunned, and I tremble and shake. 7Why does God let evil people live, let them grow old and prosper? 8They have children and grandchildren, and live to watch them all grow up. 9God does not bring disaster on their homes; they never have to live in terror. 10Yes, all their cattle breed and give birth without trouble. 11Their children run and play like lambs 12and dance to the music of harps and flutes. 13They live out their lives in peace and quietly die without suffering. 14The wicked tell God to leave them alone; they don’t want to know his will for their lives. 15They think there is no need to serve God nor any advantage in praying to him. 16They claim they succeed by their own strength, but their way of thinking I can’t accept. 17Was a wicked person’s light ever put out? Did one of them ever meet with disaster? Did God ever punish the wicked in anger 18and blow them away like straw in the wind, or like dust carried away in a storm? 19You claim God punishes a child for the sins of his father. No! Let God punish the sinners themselves; let him show that he does it because of their sins. 20Let sinners bear their own punishment; let them feel the wrath of Almighty God. 21When our lives are over, do we really care whether our children are happy?

–from Jo 21


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