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Will you take care of it?

Will you step up to take care of it? Will you step up and help take care of it? Will you see the need and take care of it? Will you be aware of what is going on and take … Continue reading

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Are you a finisher?

Do you get it done? Do you keep going till it is finished? Do you make sure it is complete? Do you only go part way? Do you leave things partially done? Do you reflect on where you are to … Continue reading

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How much would you give to someone who was trying to get you?

How much would you give if they were against you? How far would you go if they wanted to kill you? Would you be willing to go through the pain if you knew the incredible gain that would come from … Continue reading

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Oh the pain…oh the suffering

Some say no pain, no gain! Is it true? Is it worth it? Is there a purpose? Is there a reason? Is there hope? We know that in this world we will face troubles, but that we can take heart … Continue reading

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You’ve been given the authority to decide…What are you going to do about it?

Ever been in a situation where you are put in the position to make the tough decision? Ever been in a situation where you need to decide the outcome? Did you look for a way out? Did you look for … Continue reading

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