If you are given a message to deliver, what will you do about it?

Will you deliver it? Will you sensor it? Will you edit it? Will  you review it? Will you consider it? Will you share it?

What will you do with the message you have been given?

This week’s old testament reading started into Jeremiah…Let’s get caught up!

Jeremiah 1:

  • God speaks to Jeremiah
  • God calls Jeremiah
    • I chose you before I gave you life, and before you were born I selected you to be a prophet to the nations — Jeremiah 1:5
  • God calls the chosen and then prepares them. Sometimes we try to wiggle out of it because we aren’t sure.
    • 6I answered, “Sovereign Lord, I don’t know how to speak; I am too young.”
      7But the Lord said to me, “Do not say that you are too young, but go to the people I send you to, and tell them everything I command you to say. 8Do not be afraid of them, for I will be with you to protect you. I, the Lord, have spoken!” Jeremiah 1:6-8
  • Let’s be everything God calls us to be! Let’s do everything God calls us to do!
    • 9Then the Lord reached out, touched my lips, and said to me, “Listen, I am giving you the words you must speak. 10Today I give you authority over nations and kingdoms to uproot and to pull down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant.” Jeremiah 1:9-10
  • What vision has God given you? This morning I reflected on the visions I received for my son and the visions God had given my two daughters. God is so amazing! Let’s check out Jeremiah’s visions…
    • God will ensure that His Words come true!
    • God prepares His messengers so that they know what to speak.
    • He gives them boldness and courage to deliver the message.
    • He doesn’t want us to be operating out of fear, but rather out of faith!

Jeremiah 2:

  • God cares so much for His people
  • God was, is and always will be faithful to them.
  • Will we be faithful to Him as we were when we first started our relationship with Him?
  • Let’s care about God and our relationship with Him! Let’s not allow ourselves to be drawn away from Him!
  • Let’s not be strangers but rather develop relationships with God!
  • Will you live  a life that builds up a case against you before God? Will you turn to God and ask Him to forgive you? Will you allow Jesus to provide more than enough grace to cover it all?
  • Don’t let go of God’s hand! Don’t turn away from His leading! Stick close to Him!
  • Whom will you worship? Everyone worships something! Choose wisely!
  • Do you want to receive what you really deserve based on what you have done?
  • Do you think you can save yourself?

Jeremiah 3

  • Will you be unfaithful and then want Him to take you back?
  • How far from God will you go before you turn back and realize what you have given up?
  • Do you realize how much God loves you?
  • God is merciful
  • God doesn’t stay angry forever
  • Confess to God and He will forgive you
  • Forgiveness is the key!
  • Forgive others for as you forgive others, God will forgive you!
  • Turn back to God!
  • Will you allow anything to get between you and God?

Jeremiah 4

  • God wants you back!
  • God is calling you back unto Himself!
  • Turn back to Him!
  • Dedicate yourself BACK to Him!
  • It’s not too late!
  • Do you really want his anger to keep burn over what you are doing?
  • His grace is enough to cover it all over and allow a fresh start!
  • God is LOVE!
  • How bad does it really have to get before you will turn back to God?
  • You walked out from under His cover and now the devil is targeting you…
  • Will you turn back and come back under the covering of God?
  • It breaks God’s heart to see us walking away, walking in pain, trying to do it our own way.

Jeremiah 5

  • Do you see anyone doing what is right?
  • Do you realize how much we all need God?
  • Will you listen?
  • Will you pay attention?
  • God disciplines the ones He loves!
  • Will you learn?
  • Will you change?
  • Would you rather the punishment or judgment that you deserve? Or the grace that He has made available to all?
  • For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of god! That’s right ALL! So we all need grace! We all need a savior!
  • Will you treat others with GRACE and LOVE?
  • Will you live in a way that others can see Jesus in and through you?

Jeremiah 6

  • How will disaster and destruction make you react?
  • Will you give?
  • Will you go?
  • Will you do nothing?
  • What will you do with the warning signs?
  • Will you rebel?

I will stop here for now, but God wants your heart! He wants a relationship with you! But we have to choose!


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