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Don’t become bitter! Don’t retaliate! Put your trust in God!

Don’t become bitter! Don’t retaliate! Put your trust in God! We need to hold onto the hope and trust that come from a relationship with God! We need to remember that the battle belongs to the Lord! Vengeance is mine … Continue reading

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Ever been chased or persecuted for no reason of your own?

Ever been in a situation where someone else’s jealousy or pride have triggered some type of vengeful response to you? Ever found yourself being chased from where you should have been? Ever found yourself wondering why? wondering how come? How … Continue reading

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Ever had a moment where you connected with someone immediately and became best friends?

Today, I wanted to go back and catch up daily readings that weren’t complete yet as the reading plan has no specific reading for today. So it starts back on day 130…Love is a powerful thing and if you are … Continue reading

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What can you do with the little you can find?

Concerned you can’t do it because you don’t have enough? Concerned you won’t make it because you have too little? Worried you are in a no win situation because odds seem against you? Worried that the needs are too great … Continue reading

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It all points to one thing…

Ever researched? Ever investigated? Ever tried to get to the root of something? Ever tried to see where it was pointing? Ever tried to figure out where it is going? There is an answer! When you read the Bible, it … Continue reading

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