It’s important to realize the time you are in.

Do you realize what time it is?

Do you realize where you are at? Do you realize what is to come? Do you know if you are in a better or worse situation? Do you understand the various perspectives? You can see from your own, but do you realize what it looks like from someone else’s point of view? Today’s reading starts with the walk to Jesus’ crucifixion and we see two perspectives and how they differ…

Jesus Is Crucified

(Matthew 27.32-44; Mark 15.21-32; John 19.17-27)
26The soldiers led Jesus away, and as they were going, they met a man from Cyrene named Simon who was coming into the city from the country. They seized him, put the cross on him, and made him carry it behind Jesus. 27A large crowd of people followed him; among them were some women who were weeping and wailing for him. 28Jesus turned to them and said, “Women of Jerusalem! Don’t cry for me, but for yourselves and your children. 29For the days are coming when people will say, ‘How lucky are the women who never had children, who never bore babies, who never nursed them!’ 30That will be the time when people will say to the mountains, ‘Fall on us!’ and to the hills, ‘Hide us!’ 31For if such things as these are done when the wood is green, what will happen when it is dry?”

–from Luke 23

We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow. We are given today as a gift. How will you live today? How will you make a difference? How will you make sure to have more perspectives before making any judgments or decisions? This is the day that the Lord has made, so let’s rejoice and be glad in it! Do you know where you are headed? Do you or have you put all of your trust in God no matter what happens to you? Do you have a viewpoint where you are looking out for others?

Do you realize the time you are in? Do you realize your role(s) and responsibilities?

Jesus knew what He was walking into. Jesus knew His role. Jesus understood His responsibilities.

Today’s reading continues into Hebrews which says…

11But Christ has already come as the High Priest of the good things that are already here. The tent in which he serves is greater and more perfect; it is not a tent made by human hands, that is, it is not a part of this created world. 12When Christ went through the tent and entered once and for all into the Most Holy Place, he did not take the blood of goats and bulls to offer as a sacrifice; rather, he took his own blood and obtained eternal salvation for us. 13The blood of goats and bulls and the ashes of a burnt calf are sprinkled on the people who are ritually unclean, and this purifies them by taking away their ritual impurity. 14Since this is true, how much more is accomplished by the blood of Christ! Through the eternal Spirit he offered himself as a perfect sacrifice to God. His blood will purify our consciences from useless rituals, so that we may serve the living God. 15For this reason Christ is the one who arranges a new covenant, so that those who have been called by God may receive the eternal blessings that God has promised. This can be done because there has been a death which sets people free from the wrongs they did while the first covenant was in effect. 16In the case of a will it is necessary to prove that the person who made it has died, 17for a will means nothing while the person who made it is alive; it goes into effect only after his death. 18That is why even the first covenant went into effect only with the use of blood. 19First, Moses proclaimed to the people all the commandments as set forth in the Law. Then he took the blood of bulls and goats, mixed it with water, and sprinkled it on the book of the Law and all the people, using a sprig of hyssop and some red wool. 20He said, “This is the blood which seals the covenant that God has commanded you to obey.” 21In the same way Moses also sprinkled the blood on the Sacred Tent and over all the things used in worship. 22Indeed, according to the Law almost everything is purified by blood, and sins are forgiven only if blood is poured out.

Christ’s Sacrifice Takes Away Sins

23Those things, which are copies of the heavenly originals, had to be purified in that way. But the heavenly things themselves require much better sacrifices. 24For Christ did not go into a Holy Place made by human hands, which was a copy of the real one. He went into heaven itself, where he now appears on our behalf in the presence of God. 25The Jewish high priest goes into the Most Holy Place every year with the blood of an animal. But Christ did not go in to offer himself many times, 26for then he would have had to suffer many times ever since the creation of the world. Instead, now when all ages of time are nearing the end, he has appeared once and for all, to remove sin through the sacrifice of himself. 27Everyone must die once, and after that be judged by God. 28In the same manner Christ also was offered in sacrifice once to take away the sins of many. He will appear a second time, not to deal with sin, but to save those who are waiting for him. –from Hebrews 9

So let’s align with Him. Let’s be part of the ones who are awaiting His return in order that we can be saved and spend eternity with God! Jesus came as the ultimate sacrifice, once for all, no need for more blood to be shed because Jesus gave it all, all to Him we owe, sin had left a crimson stain and He washed it white as snow. In whom will you put your trust? Where does your hope and help come from? Jesus is the way, the truth and the light! Put your trust in Him! Allow Him to be the foundation on which you build your life! Allow Him to be the cornerstone stone so that your life is built straight!

Not sure what to do or where to go? Turn to God! Turn to His Word!

Today’s reading continues into the Proverbs…

1Praise for a fool is out of place, like snow in summer or rain at harvest time. 2Curses cannot hurt you unless you deserve them. They are like birds that fly by and never light. 3You have to whip a horse, you have to bridle a donkey, and you have to beat a fool. 4If you answer a silly question, you are just as silly as the person who asked it. 5Give a silly answer to a silly question, and the one who asked it will realize that he’s not as smart as he thinks. 6If you let a fool deliver a message, you might as well cut off your own feet; you are asking for trouble. 7A fool can use a proverb about as well as crippled people can use their legs. 8Praising someone who is stupid makes as much sense as tying a stone in a sling. 9A fool quoting a wise saying reminds you of a drunk trying to pick a thorn out of his hand. 10An employer who hires any fool that comes along is only hurting everybody concerned. 11A fool doing some stupid thing a second time is like a dog going back to its vomit. 12The most stupid fool is better off than those who think they are wise when they are not. 13Why don’t lazy people ever get out of the house? What are they afraid of Lions? 14Lazy people turn over in bed. They get no farther than a door swinging on its hinges. 15Some people are too lazy to put food in their own mouths. 16A lazy person will think he is smarter than seven men who can give good reasons for their opinions. –from Proverbs 26

So let’s live life with wisdom! Let’s do what is right in the eyes of God!


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