If the world ended today, what would you have to show for your life?

Nobody knows the day or the time

If the world ended today how would your life be reflected on? If the world ended today, are you sure what would happen to you? If the world ended today do you know how you would end up? If the world was going to end today would you live today differently?

If the world ended today, what would you have to show for your life?

Today in my reading plan doesn’t have any specific reading which is why I leave the old testament readings from the week for today. My reading for today comes from Isaiah 24-39. And chapter 24 triggered my questions above.

Isaiah 24:

  • In the end times there will be much pain and suffering.
  • The Lord Will Punish the Earth
  • The moon and sun will stop shinning

Isaiah 25:

  • We need to put our hope and trust in God and align ourselves with Him so that in the end we will spend eternity with Him.
  • Let’s praise Him
  • He will provide a banquet for those who will spend eternity with him
  • He will remove sorrow and pain
  • There will be no more death
  • He is our rescuer from what could of, would of, should of.
  • We want to be on His side, the other side loses

Isaiah 26:

  • Victory belongs to the Lord and He will give it to His people
  • God defends, provides perfect peace, provides hope, provides grace, is our provider
  • God humbles the proud
  • God makes the path smooth for good people; the road they travel is level.
  • With all that God provides, will we learn and put our trust in Him?
  • God will Judge and Restore
  • God knows what has taken place and revenge belongs to Him (don’t try to get it on your own)

Isaiah 27:

  • The end hasn’t happened yet so ask Jesus into your heart and make peace with God!
  • There is only 1 God and we need to give our lives into His hands.
    • Just like the 10 Commandments say

Isaiah 28:

  • Don’t be a foolish leader! Where does your help and hope come from?
  • God is Love! God is fair and just! Would you want anyone else to be judge?
  • Don’t try to drown your sorrows and become drunk and miss the message God has for you and the plans He has for you.
  • Let’s build our lives using God’s cornerstone to help us build our lives in alignment with His will. (Jesus is the cornerstone) He provides a strong foundation n which we can build up our lives
  • Make sure you are following the plan. Don’t just keep repeating over and over the pattern you think will do the trick.
  • Ask God for wisdom! He will give it generously and without finding fault.
  • Look to God’s Word for wisdom! It never returns void!
  • The plans God makes are wise, and they always succeed.

Isaiah 29:

  • God speaks of how Jerusalem would be destroyed (history shows how it happened)
  • God provides us with warnings and signs…don’t miss them, pay attention!
  • Don’t be one who is oblivious to what is being shown.
  • Don’t lose hope, for there is hope for those whose trust is in the Lord! in God!
  • Follow God’s plan and don’t try to be too smart and do it your own way.
  • Honor and worship God!

Isaiah 30:

  • God is the only ally you need! The others aren’t going to be much help in the final battle
  • Be on the winning side! God has already won the victory through Jesus! He conquered the grave and sits at the right hand of the Father interceding for you and me. Want to know the rest of the story, read the last book of the Bible…Revelation!
  • Don’t ignore God’s message, instruction, direction, correction!
  • Obey what He tells you because He knows what He is talking about!
  • God will bless His people
    • whose side will you be on?
  • Those who fight against God will be punished

Isaiah 31:

  • God is our protector
  • We can trust in Him
  • God knows what He is doing
  • God is supernatural, so put your trust fully in Him!

Isaiah 32:

  • Are you a leader, a ruler, a boss, …, someone in charge? Are you living with integrity?
  • One day there will be a ruler who rules with integrity all the time. When Jesus comes back and is the King, we will have a king who lives with integrity!
  • Live in alignment with God!
  • We read again about God’s Judgment and Restoration

Isaiah 33:

  • Need help? Turn to God! Cry out to Him! Ask Him to help you!
  • You against God? Be warned!
    • Consider your motives! Consider your actions! Consider your choices! Consider the side you want to be on!
  • There is hope for the future! Will you join up with the winning side?
  • No more fear, no more worry, no more doubt
  • We will see God’s glory

Isaiah 34:

  • God Will Punish His Enemies

Isaiah 35:

  • But there is way, a road, a path
  • The Road of Holiness
  • “Be strong and don’t be afraid! God is coming to your rescue, coming to punish your enemies.”
  • The blind will be able to see, and the deaf will hear. The lame will leap and dance, and those who cannot speak will shout for joy.
  • Those whom the Lord has rescued will travel home by that road.
  • They will be happy forever, forever free from sorrow and grief.

Isaiah 36:

  • The Assyrians Threaten Jerusalem
    • Put your trust in God!

Isaiah 37:

  • Turn to God for Advice and then do it.
  • The King Asks Isaiah’s Advice
  • The Assyrians Send Another Threat
  • Isaiah’s Message to the King

Isaiah 38:

  • King Hezekiah’s Illness and Recovery
  • Even when the news is bad, don’t give up on God, put your trust in Him, and call out to Him
  • God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly more than we could ever ask or imagine!

Isaiah 39:

  • Don’t be proud and arrogant because of God blessed you
  • Pride comes before the fall
  • Messengers from Babylonia king’s showing them everything

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