Ever been in a situation where you could just feel that darkness?


Ever been in a situation where everything that was taking place seemed like it was from another world? That there was so much darkness and evil brewing that it felt wrong and out of place? Ever been in a situation you knew what was going down was being done in a way that felt and looked and smelt wrong? Did you do anything about it? Did you say anything about it? How did it impact you? How did it affect you?

In today’s reading we start out in just such a situation…let’s watch it play out…

The Arrest of Jesus

(Matthew 26.47-56; Mark 14.43-50; John 18.3-11)
47Jesus was still speaking when a crowd arrived, led by Judas, one of the twelve disciples. He came up to Jesus to kiss him. 48But Jesus said, “Judas, is it with a kiss that you betray the Son of Man?” 49When the disciples who were with Jesus saw what was going to happen, they asked, “Shall we use our swords, Lord?” 50And one of them struck the High Priest’s slave and cut off his right ear. 51But Jesus said, “Enough of this!” He touched the man’s ear and healed him. 52Then Jesus said to the chief priests and the officers of the Temple guard and the elders who had come there to get him, “Did you have to come with swords and clubs, as though I were an outlaw? 53 I was with you in the Temple every day, and you did not try to arrest me. But this is your hour to act, when the power of darkness rules.” –from Luke 22

We need to know and understand the time we are in. We need to know our role and responsibility. We need God’s wisdom through the Holy Spirit so that we act in a way that will be appropriate and glorify God! Jesus is the name above all names. He is able to exceedingly, abundantly more than we could ever ask or imagine. We need to respond appropriately for the situation we are in and in accordance with God’s will. We can’t just respond out of an emotional outbreak. We need to be able to respond the way God wants us to. He has a plan and a purpose. He can use what the devil plans for evil and turn it around for good. It may look like Jesus being taken away was the end of it to many who were trying to shut Him down, but God had other plans. Jesus was going to pay the ultimate price in order to reconcile us back to God! He knew we couldn’t do it in our own power and took it into His own hands. And then as usual He conquered the grave and rose on the third day. He is now sitting at the right hand of the Father interceding for all those who have received Him as their Lord and Savior. You and me. (Hoping you have already received Him, but if you haven’t today could be your day! The day to ask Jesus to forgive you and to come into your heart.)

Some will act in the light where it can be seen by all. Some will act in the darkness to hide it from the eyes of others.

Ever been in a situation where you could just feel that darkness?

Today’s reading continues into the fact of who Jesus was in addition to being the son of God for us, He is also our priest for in what He has done, He bridged the gap and allows us access to the throne of God so that we can have a living relationship with God! (if you continue reading in Hebrews it goes into that, today’s reading is as follows)

The Priest Melchizedek

1  This Melchizedek was king of Salem and a priest of the Most High God. As Abraham was coming back from the battle in which he defeated the four kings, Melchizedek met him and blessed him, 2and Abraham gave him one tenth of all he had taken. (The first meaning of Melchizedek’s name is “King of Righteousness”; and because he was king of Salem, his name also means “King of Peace.”) 3There is no record of Melchizedek’s father or mother or of any of his ancestors; no record of his birth or of his death. He is like the Son of God; he remains a priest forever. 4You see, then, how great he was. Abraham, our famous ancestor, gave him one tenth of all he got in the battle. 5 And those descendants of Levi who are priests are commanded by the Law to collect one tenth from the people of Israel, that is, from their own people, even though they are also descendants of Abraham. 6Melchizedek was not descended from Levi, but he collected one tenth from Abraham and blessed him, the man who received God’s promises. 7There is no doubt that the one who blesses is greater than the one who is blessed. 8In the case of the priests the tenth is collected by men who die; but as for Melchizedek the tenth was collected by one who lives, as the scripture says. 9And, so to speak, when Abraham paid the tenth, Levi (whose descendants collect the tenth) also paid it. 10For Levi had not yet been born, but was, so to speak, in the body of his ancestor Abraham when Melchizedek met him. 11It was on the basis of the levitical priesthood that the Law was given to the people of Israel. Now, if the work of the levitical priests had been perfect, there would have been no need for a different kind of priest to appear, one who is in the priestly order of Melchizedek, not of Aaron. 12For when the priesthood is changed, there also has to be a change in the law. 13And our Lord, of whom these things are said, belonged to a different tribe, and no member of his tribe ever served as a priest. 14It is well known that he was born a member of the tribe of Judah; and Moses did not mention this tribe when he spoke of priests. –from Hebrews 7

We are to be a generous people. Giving wasn’t something that came up in the law, but it was something that started even before the law of Moses. Abraham started it which was before Moses gave the law. So let’s be a generous people. Let’s not hold back from doing good! Let’s be honoring to God in the way that we live our lives daily!

Not sure what to day? Turn to God’s Word for Wisdom! Turn to God for direction! Let’s follow-up in Proverbs to close today with 15-18 of the 30 wise sayings…

19Listen, my child, be wise and give serious thought to the way you live. 20Don’t associate with people who drink too much wine or stuff themselves with food. 21Drunkards and gluttons will be reduced to poverty. If all you do is eat and sleep, you will soon be wearing rags.
22Listen to your father; without him you would not exist. When your mother is old, show her your appreciation. 23Truth, wisdom, learning, and good sense—these are worth paying for, but too valuable for you to sell. 24A righteous person’s parents have good reason to be happy. You can take pride in a wise child. 25Let your father and mother be proud of you; give your mother that happiness.
26Pay close attention, son, and let my life be your example. 27Prostitutes and immoral women are a deadly trap. 28They wait for you like robbers and cause many men to be unfaithful.
29-30Show me people who drink too much, who have to try out fancy drinks, and I will show you people who are miserable and sorry for themselves, always causing trouble and always complaining. Their eyes are bloodshot, and they have bruises that could have been avoided. 31Don’t let wine tempt you, even though it is rich red, and it sparkles in the cup, and it goes down smoothly. 32The next morning you will feel as if you had been bitten by a poisonous snake. 33Weird sights will appear before your eyes, and you will not be able to think or speak clearly. 34You will feel as if you were out on the ocean, seasick, swinging high up in the rigging of a tossing ship. 35“I must have been hit,” you will say; “I must have been beaten up, but I don’t remember it. Why can’t I wake up? I need another drink.” –from Proverbs 23


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