We can’t surprise God because He knows …

He knows the beginning and the end. He knows our hearts which is more than what we think or say. He knows what we are going to do in every situation even before we do it. Consider being Peter in this case …

Jesus Predicts Peter’s Denial

(Matthew 26.31-35; Mark 14.27-31; John 13.36-38)
31“Simon, Simon! Listen! Satan has received permission to test all of you, to separate the good from the bad, as a farmer separates the wheat from the chaff. 32But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith will not fail. And when you turn back to me, you must strengthen your brothers.” 33Peter answered, “Lord, I am ready to go to prison with you and to die with you!” 34“I tell you, Peter,” Jesus said, “the rooster will not crow tonight until you have said three times that you do not know me.” –from Luke 22

We may figure there is no way we could ever _______________ (fill in the blank). God knows the circumstance that we will be put in and where we are at in our walk. God knows what is going to happen even before it does. And when we do fail, imagine how that feels or maybe it’s remember how that feels. But God is the God of second chances. God’s got incredible plans for us. So don’t lose hope! Don’t lose faith! Turn back to God and ask Him to help you be restored to what His purpose and plan for your life is.

Let’s be prepared! Let’s make sure we are ready for what is to come! When God tells us what is coming, let’s get ourselves prepared for such a day and such a time as that. Jesus speaks to the disciples to get prepared this way in this morning’s reading…

Purse, Bag, and Sword

35  Then Jesus asked his disciples, “When I sent you out that time without purse, bag, or shoes, did you lack anything?” “Not a thing,” they answered. 36“But now,” Jesus said, “whoever has a purse or a bag must take it; and whoever does not have a sword must sell his coat and buy one. 37 For I tell you that the scripture which says, ‘He shared the fate of criminals,’ must come true about me, because what was written about me is coming true.” 38The disciples said, “Look! Here are two swords, Lord!” “That is enough!” he replied. –from Luke 22

God knows what is coming and isn’t going to be surprised! God knows and can turn what the devil is planning for evil and turn it around and use it for good! So let’s walk close to the Lord! Let’s be in constant conversation with the Holy Spirit so that we can walk in alignment with God’s will and be prepared for what is to come! That is why God’s Word tells us that we are to pray without ceasing.

We can’t surprise God because He knows…

What will you do today? Will continue to mature and develop in the ways of God? Will you allow Him to lead you and guide your every step? Will you let His Word be a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path? The closer we live to Jesus the less surprises we will have. The closer we walk to Jesus the more miraculous the world will appear. Let’s consider what God’s Word adds today…

1Let us go forward, then, to mature teaching and leave behind us the first lessons of the Christian message. We should not lay again the foundation of turning away from useless works and believing in God; 2of the teaching about baptisms and the laying on of hands; of the resurrection of the dead and the eternal judgment. 3Let us go forward! And this is what we will do, if God allows. 4For how can those who abandon their faith be brought back to repent again? They were once in God’s light; they tasted heaven’s gift and received their share of the Holy Spirit; 5they knew from experience that God’s word is good, and they had felt the powers of the coming age. 6And then they abandoned their faith! It is impossible to bring them back to repent again, because they are again crucifying the Son of God and exposing him to public shame. 7God blesses the soil which drinks in the rain that often falls on it and which grows plants that are useful to those for whom it is cultivated. 8 But if it grows thorns and weeds, it is worth nothing; it is in danger of being cursed by God and will be destroyed by fire. 9But even if we speak like this, dear friends, we feel sure about you. We know that you have the better blessings that belong to your salvation. 10God is not unfair. He will not forget the work you did or the love you showed for him in the help you gave and are still giving to other Christians. 11Our great desire is that each of you keep up your eagerness to the end, so that the things you hope for will come true. 12We do not want you to become lazy, but to be like those who believe and are patient, and so receive what God has promised. –from Hebrews 6

Let’s be living with eternity as our goal, eternity spent with God! But let’s not miss out on the fact that we can live blessed lives filled with the joy of the Lord on earth too by living lives in alignment and in relationship with Jesus. Let’s be diligent that we may receive all the promises of God!

Looking for wisdom today? Turn to God’s Word! Turn to the book of Proverbs! This morning’s reading captures the following pieces of advice…(first 5 or 30)

The Thirty Wise Sayings

17Listen, and I will teach you what the wise have said. Study their teachings, 18and you will be glad if you remember them and can quote them. 19I want you to put your trust in the Lord; that is why I am going to tell them to you now. 20I have written down thirty sayings for you. They contain knowledge and good advice, 21and will teach you what the truth really is. Then when you are sent to find it out, you will bring back the right answer.
22Don’t take advantage of the poor just because you can; don’t take advantage of those who stand helpless in court. 23The Lord will argue their case for them and threaten the life of anyone who threatens theirs.
24Don’t make friends with people who have hot, violent tempers. 25You might learn their habits and not be able to change.
26Don’t promise to be responsible for someone else’s debts. 27If you should be unable to pay, they will take away even your bed.
28Never move an old property line that your ancestors established.
29Show me someone who does a good job, and I will show you someone who is better than most and worthy of the company of kings. –from Proverbs 22


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