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It’s a matter of the heart! Do you acknowledge what happened and will you turn back to God?

So much of what is tough through Jesus and through the Bible point back to where is our heart in how we live. From the overflow of our hearts our mouth speaks! Do you realize how you got to this … Continue reading

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It’s important to know your purpose!

It’s important that when you are playing out your role and purpose you don’t allow what others do or say keep you from completing and accomplishing it! It’s important to not get dragged down into name calling or war of … Continue reading

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It’s important to realize the time you are in.

Do you realize where you are at? Do you realize what is to come? Do you know if you are in a better or worse situation? Do you understand the various perspectives? You can see from your own, but do … Continue reading

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The penalty or punishment may seem extreme, but God has it all under control…

Ever been in a situation where the penalty handed out seem harsh, too harsh maybe? Ever been in a situation where the decision made about what to do seemed too extreme? We know that in this world we will face … Continue reading

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If the world ended today, what would you have to show for your life?

If┬áthe world ended today how would your life be reflected on? If the world ended today, are you sure what would happen to you? If the world ended today do you know how you would end up? If the world … Continue reading

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