Salt of the earth! … Notes from sermon by Pastor Jenkins (3/22/2015 – 9am)

My notes from a sermon by @jkjenkins

Matthew 5:13

You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men.

Are you good salt?

Power of Salt

  • NaCl – 40% Sodium and 60% Chloride
  • 14,000 uses
    • Seasoning
    • Pulls out flavor
  • 20% of our body weight is salt
  • You could tell how important you were based on how close they put you to the salt closets at a party
  • Be like salt – it’s a chemical reaction between 2 elements.
    • Sinner + Encounter with God
  • Pull out the best in people
    • want to live for God
    • want to have a good life
    • help them live to their full potential
    • Bring the best out of our spouse, our kids, our friends, our …
    • Pray that all the kids dreams come true
  • Be seasoning of life
    • People should leave you feeling better
    • Rise up and help them

Preservative Power of Salt

  • Preserve freshness
    • Keep freshness in the truth from God’s Word
    • Keep His truth alive
  • Prevents unwanted growth
    • Put it into the culture so that the lies won’t grow

Power of Salt and Water

  • Helps to retain water
  • Purifier that cleans out impurities
  • Melts ice
    • We should be like salt and softening hearts that have been frozen and hardened
    • Have such an anointing to melt a frozen heart

Are we being the salt of the world?

  • All of us – we are all called to be the people who salt the world
  • It’s more than just being part of the church
  • We have to share it outside of the church … it shouldn’t be a country club
  • When was the last time you lead someone to salvation?
  • We need to be more than just religious people who come to church and go through the motions and then go home
  • We need to be the salt
  • Help others to know the truth
  • Dead sea – has no life in it … it is 7x saltier than any other ocean
    • it’s too salty
  • Problem is that the Sea let’s the salt in, but isn’t letting it out (no outlet)
  • If you are taking in and not giving out, God won’t be putting more in
  • We need to be letting it flow through us into the lives of others
  • Pastor’s role is to purify
  • It’s our responsibility to be fed and share it out to others

Too much bad salt?

  • did you lose your saltiness?
  • If not good salt, then you will be trampled on

Am I…

  • Am I the salt of the world?
  • Am I helping others come to God?

Church Growth … it’s our responsibility

  • The shepherd can’t make more sheep
  • Sheep make more sheep
  • We need to help the church grow!

If you aren’t helping people get better then what are you good for and others will trample over you.

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