Inspired 2015 – Sermon Notes from Day #1 – by Scott Wilson – 3-18-2015

“Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks” – Dillon Wilson (Son)

“I love you, God loves you, I’m here for you” – Scott Wilson (Dad)

  • Being a Christian is more than just rule keeping, fall in love with Jesus
  • Be an inspiration
  • Be filled with Jesus & His Spirit

Walk with Jesus…

  • John 5: I only do what the Father does. I only speak what the Father speaks.
  • Mark 16:14 – After death and resurrection, Jesus rebuked them for not believing. Who ever believes and is baptized will be saved. They will drive out demons. Heal. Confirmed

Would you be rebuked for

  • lack of faith?
  • stubborn heart to believe?

Lamentation 3

  • ,,,I said to myself…
    • Nothing will shake you from His presence
  • Stubborn?
    • will you submit to God? Want to find peace?
    • We all have a divine purpose
    • Love people so much that you share and serve
    • You may have a job, but you have a divine purpose

Cast out evil spirits

Speak in tongues (divine communication)

Pick up snakes (divine protection)

Tells you ahead of time what he’s planning and the devil’s planning so we can be prepared

Pray for sick (divine healing)

3 Things…

  1. Cast out devils –> only when the spirit prompts. Learn to pray in the spirit in all occasions
    1. 1 Corinthians 14
    2. speaks to God not man (1 Cor 13:1)
    3. Soul = emotion + mind + will
    4. Praying in the spirit is alignment to God without the soul getting into the way (soul interference)
    5. 1 Corinthians 14:2 – Pray to be able to interpret –> Pray in Spirit and understanding
      1. Tell me God what it means
    6. Acts 1:4 — wait for the spirit to come over you so you can witness
    7. Will you witness?
    8. Do you realize lives are on the line?
  2. Walk in prophetic awareness
    1. Love you
    2. Calling you
    3. understand God speaks to you and then through you
    4. Not sure…
      1. We use sounds and symbols to communicate
      2. God is infinite and is able to speak directly to our mind
      3. Does it Align to God’s Word –> God or You are directing, not the devil
      4. Out of alignment with God’s Word -> Not God
      5. John 10:3-5 –> not hearing means either not sheep or a baby lamb and haven’t learned yet
    5. If in alignment, then do it. Start walking. Pray for understanding
    6. Prophesy –> Words of knowledge –> something you shouldn’t know but you do
      1. words of wisdom
      2. Learn humility
        1. Ask questions instead of speaking statements.
        2. Rather than a thus sayest the Lord, ask them in alignment o what God has revealed

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