The rollercoaster of life…Ups and downs of decision making.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it

Ever watched history repeat itself? Ever watched people forget the past and repeat it? Ever seen the good extended because of good decisions when someone learns from the past and doesn’t repeat it? Ever seen a good situation go bad because the new person forgot or didn’t remember what happened the last time? Today’s reading comes from the Old Testament in 2 Chronicles. Let’s see what we see…

2 Chronicles 17

  • Jehoshaphat followed in his father’s footsteps and didn’t worship Baal but rather served and obeyed God
  • The LORD blessed him
  • He send out teachers to the cities
  • The LORD created fear in the surrounding kingdoms keeping them from attacking King Jehoshaphat.
  • The LORD strengthened him.

2 Chronicles 18

  • King Ahab tried to butter up King Jehoshaphat and convince him to join forces
  • King Jehoshaphat agreed, but wanted to check with the LORD first
  • Prophets aren’t good enough to get an answer if the prophets aren’t of the LORD
  • Ahab didn’t like the prophet of the LORD though because he always says something back to Ahab.
  • So they called Micaiah and got ready to receive his message
  • Don’t give an answer because it’s popular, (as the messenger tried to convince Micaiah to do, give the message God provides, as Micaiah did)
  • Will speak jokingly and agree with the others or deliver the hard message of truth?
  • Micaiah warns them of what would happen. The men would have no leaders so let them go home in peace.
  • There was a spirit that was in all the other prophets attempting to sway Ahab to go out and fight.
  • Ahab had Micaiah thrown in prison till he retuned safe, with rations of bread and water alone.
  • Micaiah exclaimed that if they returned God had not spoken through him.
  • Ahab tried to trick the others by not wearing his royal robe, but got Jehoshaphat to keep his royal attire on.
  • The King of Syria was only focused on getting the king of Israel, and when the men saw Jehoshaphat started after him, till he yelled out and the LORD rescued him.
  • A lucky Syrian soldier shot an arrow which struck king Ahab between the joints of his armor.
  • He watched the battle from his chariot propped up until sunset when he died.

2 Chronicles 19

  • Do you think it is right to help those who are wicket and to take the side of those who hat the LORD?
  • What a question and confrontation…
  • Want to change the tide? Go against the LORD and make Him angry with you.
  • So don’t be swayed or turn against God.
  • Let’s live lives that call people back to God!
  • Call people to accountability for they do what they do not as mere people, but as service to the Lord!
  • Warn them that what they do has impact. Act carefully because the Lord our God does not tolerate fraud or partiality or taking of bribes.
  • Help by setting up the right infrastructure to have things go well
  • Help others by instructing them how to act and behave properly
  • Be bold and courageous in carrying out the instructions of God so that He will be on your side or more accurately , you will be on His side.

2 Chronicles 20

  • When you are being threatened. When others come to attack you and create fear. Turn to God for wisdom! If it is something impacting even more people, consider a fast so as to dedicate the time and focus to God.
  • Pray to God! Praise God! Remember what He has already done!
  • The spirit of the LORD came Jahaziel who shared God’s message to the king.
    • Don’t be discouraged or afraid to face them
    • The battle belongs to the Lord!
    • Attack them according to God’s plans and see His victory in and through your lives!
  • Walk in obedience and see God’s hand at work! Remember, the battle belongs to the Lord!
  • Share the hope of God that is within you with the team. Praise God for His wisdom and protection!
  • The victory belongs to God! God will provide! He is able to provided exceedingly more than we can ask or imagine!

Don’t claim the victory, but give God all the praise, the honor, and the glory in Jesus’ name!

  • If there is a remanence of people who didn’t turn back to God, there is a bit of yeast in the dough that can still grow and sway the direction over time.

2 Chronicles 21

  • What if the heritage doesn’t make it through?
  • Jehoram takes over the reign from Jehoshaphat (his dad) and once he had enough control, he killed all his brothers and some of the Israelite officials
  • He followed the wicked example of King Ahab and the pendulum swings, the past about to repeat itself…
  • The Lord wasn’t ready to  or willing to destroy the dynasty of David because of the covenant He had made with David and promised that his descendants would always continue to rule.
  • Revolts began… Edom… Libnah…
  • God uses the prophet Elijah to send Jehoram a message  about how he didn’t follow after his dad nor his grandfather, and as such he and those he led astray were going to have to deal with the consequences. He would even be stricken with a painful disease that would grow worse and worse each day until he died in agony. It lasted 2 years before he died.

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