The rollercoaster of history!

Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it! When you check back over time, you see the ups and the downs. You see the trends that cause things to go well and the trends that cause things to go bad. You see people turning to God and people turning from God. You see people putting their trust in man and you see people putting their trust in God. And you see the pros and cons of each of those decisions and actions. Today as I go back and revisit the Old Testament readings for the week I will work through 2 Kings. The key is to turn back to God before it is too late! Remember where your hope comes from so that you don’t walk away, but rather keep following after Him. Trust in Him with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul, and all your strength!

2 Kings 1

  •  You need to realize God isn’t out there somewhere, He is right here with us! (Emanuel)
  • You need to realize that He is the only help and hope we have and if we aren’t with Him, we are against Him and will have to deal with the consequences of a just God!
  • God’s people have nothing to fear, not even death, for their is hope and a promise for eternity with God!
  • Walk in obedience to God, do not fear the threats or the commands of man.
  • Will you be reverent to God or will you try to demand your own way? The response you get is dependent upon your heart!

2 Kings 2

  • How close will you stick to the man of God? How much do you want to be in the presence of God?
  • How dependable are you? How loyal are you?
  • Don’t allow the messages of others, the message of loss to bring fear or doubt, put your trust in God!
  • Keep your focus and don’t get distracted by the chit chat and gossip of others. Keep your eyes on the prize!
  • There are miracles in the presence of God!
  • What is it that you would ask for if you knew it would be the last ask you have of someone God were about to take away?
  • What would keep you from receiving the promise? Would you allow anything to keep you from it or get in your way from receiving it?
  • Will you pick up the legacy that was left behind?
  • Will you walk in the preparation for what is yet to come?
  • God’s people can take what the devil planned for evil and turn it around and use it for good.
  • Allow God to purify the water. Be salt and light into this world.
  • Don’t mock others, especially not the man of God! You won’t like the consequences

2 Kings 3

  • Partial obedience is still disobedience!
  • Hitting the target but missing the bull’s-eye still means you missed the mark
  • If you are a leader, you have more responsibility because your actions can cause or lead others away from God
  • Choose your allies wisely. Realize the impact of who your allies are.
  • Do you realize the benefit of making an alliance with someone whose God is the Lord?
  • How big is your faith? How deep will you dig in? How wide will you stretch? How much do you trust?
  • God doesn’t just meet your immediate needs, He goes beyond, beyond to meet the greater need when you choose to put your hope and trust in Him!
  • God’s plans are greater than our plans! God’s ways are better than our ways! God does not get surprised and does thing with purpose on purpose for His glory.
  • Those who are against you and aren’t putting their trust in God may do crazy and disturbing things
  • When God is on your side nothing can stand against you.. Fear Not, Just believe!

2 Kings 4

2 Kings 5

  • don’t be afraid.
  • Don’t let your own thoughts cloud the reality of the situation
  • God is bigger and strong and so much mightier and more powerful than anything that could come your way.
  • Put your trust in God!
  • Turn to Him and give Him your fears, your doubts, and your concerns and allow His grace and His mercy to transform the situation!
  • Will you do what it takes? Will you allow your pride to keep you from receiving the miracle of God that was set in motion for you? Would you give up the cure just because it wasn’t going to happen the way you think it should?
  • If it is simple or difficult would you do it? Would you let pride get in the way because it was too simplistic?
  • Pay attention to the purpose and the intentions of your heart, for they may get you into more trouble than you are prepared or bargained for

2 Kings 6


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