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The power of unity!

Ever heard the saying united we stand, divided we fall? Do you realize the difference between unity and uniformity? Do you realize that division breaks things apart compared to unity which holds things together? Looking into unity, I found this … Continue reading

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Do you know how to pray?

Have you ever been taught? Do you know the pattern? Do you understand the pattern? I remember listening to a sermon by Pastor Jenkins where he breaks it down. Today’s reading starts on this topic… 1One day Jesus was praying … Continue reading

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What are you focusing on?

Are you too busy that you are missing out on what’s most important? Are you too busy to connect in the right areas? Are you too busy making a show for yourself? Are you focusing on all the work there … Continue reading

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Who is your neighbor? The one you are kind to…

Do you walk by? Do you expect someone else to help? Do you think you are too busy to help? Do you think you are too important to help? What’s your reason for not stopping? What’s your reason for not … Continue reading

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When you come back will you tell about what happened?

Ever gotten to go somewhere and have an incredible experience? Do you comeback and share it with others? Do you tell stories of what took place? How about when God calls you to do something? or to go somewhere? or … Continue reading

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