Are you setting up for success?

A big key to the setup is receiving wisdom to make the right decisions. Are you setting your goals? Are you setting yourself up for success? Do you know what success looks like? Do you have contingency plans? Are you trying to do it all on your own or do you have someone to go to for wisdom and advice? God will provide! God’s ways are higher than our ways! God’s plans are better than our plans! So we need to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these other things will be taken care of!

In typical fashion today I am completing the Old Testament readings for the week from 1 Kings 4-12:

1 Kings 4:

1 Kings 5:

  • David had a vision to build God the temple, but God’s plan was for Solomon to do it.
  • David prepared the resources and the plans provided by God so that it could be done.
  • All the fighting kept David from being able to or allowed to build the temple
  • Wisdom to get the right people with the right talents for the right jobs to be able to get it done

1 Kings 6:

1 Kings 7:

  • God desires that we have a good life too.
  • We need to make sure we keep our priorities straight though
  • #1 – God, … what does your list look like?
    • As for me, it has my marriage #2, my family #3, …
  • Will you go out of your way to bring in the right people with the right skills to get the right work done?

1 Kings 8:

  • God’s timing is perfect. Things will get done, they will be finished on just the right day at just the right time for His purposes
  • Remember to Keep God as the center, as the first, and in your heart!
  • Will you be one who is a conduit of blessings to the people God has surrounded you with?
  • Will call blessings down upon them?
  • Will you allow God’s blessings to flow through you into their lives?
  • Give it all up to God! Consider this prayer from Solomon

“Lord God of Israel, there is no god like you in heaven above or on earth below! You keep your covenant with your people and show them your love when they live in wholehearted obedience to you. 24You have kept the promise you made to my father David; today every word has been fulfilled. 25And now, Lord God of Israel, I pray that you will also keep the other promise you made to my father when you told him that there would always be one of his descendants ruling as king of Israel, provided they obeyed you as carefully as he did. 26So now, O God of Israel, let everything come true that you promised to my father David, your servant. 27“But can you, O God, really live on earth? Not even all of heaven is large enough to hold you, so how can this Temple that I have built be large enough? 28Lord my God, I am your servant. Listen to my prayer, and grant the requests I make to you today. 29Watch over this Temple day and night, this place where you have chosen to be worshiped. Hear me when I face this Temple and pray. 30Hear my prayers and the prayers of your people when they face this place and pray. In your home in heaven hear us and forgive us. 31“When a person is accused of wronging another and is brought to your altar in this Temple to take an oath that he is innocent, 32O Lord, listen in heaven and judge your servants. Punish the guilty one as he deserves, and acquit the one who is innocent. 33“When your people Israel are defeated by their enemies because they have sinned against you, and then when they turn to you and come to this Temple, humbly praying to you for forgiveness, 34listen to them in heaven. Forgive the sins of your people and bring them back to the land which you gave to their ancestors. 35“When you hold back the rain because your people have sinned against you, and then when they repent and face this Temple, humbly praying to you, 36listen to them in heaven. Forgive the sins of the king and of the people of Israel, and teach them to do what is right. Then, O Lord, send rain on this land of yours, which you gave to your people as a permanent possession. 37“When there is famine in the land or an epidemic or the crops are destroyed by scorching winds or swarms of locusts, or when your people are attacked by their enemies, or when there is disease or sickness among them, 38listen to their prayers. If any of your people Israel, out of heartfelt sorrow, stretch out their hands in prayer toward this Temple, 39hear their prayer. Listen to them in your home in heaven, forgive them, and help them. You alone know the thoughts of the human heart. Deal with each person as he deserves, 40so that your people may obey you all the time they live in the land which you gave to our ancestors. 41-42“When a foreigner who lives in a distant land hears of your fame and of the great things you have done for your people and comes to worship you and to pray at this Temple, 43listen to his prayer. In heaven, where you live, hear him and do what he asks you to do, so that all the peoples of the world may know you and obey you, as your people Israel do. Then they will know that this Temple I have built is the place where you are to be worshiped. 44“When you command your people to go into battle against their enemies and they pray to you, wherever they are, facing this city which you have chosen and this Temple which I have built for you, 45listen to their prayers. Hear them in heaven and give them victory. 46“When your people sin against you—and there is no one who does not sin—and in your anger you let their enemies defeat them and take them as prisoners to some other land, even if that land is far away, 47listen to your people’s prayers. If there in that land they repent and pray to you, confessing how sinful and wicked they have been, hear their prayers, O Lord. 48If in that land they truly and sincerely repent and pray to you as they face toward this land which you gave to our ancestors, this city which you have chosen, and this Temple which I have built for you, 49then listen to their prayers. In your home in heaven hear them and be merciful to them. 50Forgive all their sins and their rebellion against you, and make their enemies treat them with kindness. 51They are your own people, whom you brought out of Egypt, that blazing furnace. 52“Sovereign Lord, may you always look with favor on your people Israel and their king, and hear their prayer whenever they call to you for help. 53You chose them from all the peoples to be your own people, as you told them through your servant Moses when you brought our ancestors out of Egypt.”

  • Let’s give it up to God! Let’s allow our lives to be living sacrifices to who He is and all of His purposes! Let’s grab a hold of His promises so that He is glorified and so that we are encouraged!
  • Let’s not be so self focused that we look to be blessed, but that we can bless in God’s name! In Jesus’ name! For there is power in the
  • What type of an offering will we give up to God?
  • Will you walk this day with the joy and of knowing that God’s blessings are upon you?

1 Kings 9:

  • God hears our prayer!
  • Are you ready to hear from Him?
  • There are blessings for obedience and there are curses for disobedience
  • Is it really a gift if it isn’t liked? Or if it is called displeasing and dirty?
  • Never forget what God has done in and through your life!

1 Kings 10:

  • How will you deal with fame and fortune?
  • Will you be able to keep your humility and grace?
  • The queen of Sheba came and was impressed by the wisdom God had given Solomon
  • God’s blessings over Solomon went beyond beyond!
  • Silver became so common as stone in those times

1 Kings 11:

  • Be careful where you give your heart
  • Be careful how you set your priorities
  • Be careful what you idolize
  • You may be walking away from God and then what…
  • Will you miss the mark? Will you sin against God? Will you even realize that you have stepped away? before it is too late?
  • Are you ready to have to deal with the consequences?
  • Do you want history to show you coming in on a high note and then falling off in the end?
  • What do you want your story, your testimony, your legacy to be?

1 Kings 12:

  • When there isn’t unity, division arises
  • When you surround yourself with the wrong people for counsel, the advice you get won’t be sound!
  • Will you live in obedience to God’s will?
  • Some people start strong! Some people finish strong! Will you choose to live strong?

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