Where is Ben? Owner of http://spaces.msn.com/members/benvolio


I haven’t heard from Ben in a few days and he hasn’t commented in his space either.

I left a prayer to the Lord on his site and am hoping people can show their support for Ben by leaving a comment if you know where he is or a prayer if you don’t so that he knows that the Love of God is surrounding him.

Thanks and God Bless.



– 1/14/2005 11:55:02 AM

Do not worry, Phil. I am here. I’ve just been slightly busy the past few days; midterm exams next week. My apologies for making you feel worried. However, The Prayer was nice. It’s good to know someone will be presistant on what they believe in. We go through changes though – you, I, and the other people who surround us. I often find myself walking down the hallways of my slightly polished, falling apart, graffitied school.. Wondering if the people around me are even close to the same as they were when we were in second, third, fourth, fifth, and even sixth grade. What happened to the people we used to hang out with. The people we used to be friends with? I’m the guy who walks down the hallways usually alone, saying hello and getting hellos back from the people from grade school and no one really talks to you in the hallway unless you do first. Then there’s those people you meet this year who when you get out of a class they get out somewhere close to you and you guys walk down the hallway together being

– 1/14/2005 11:58:26 AM

goofy. The kind of people who you know you might see in college, the people who help you prepare for tests that are next peroid.. The people who actually go hang out with you in the movies or at the arcade or even some weird place like the woods.. I remember in third grade I used to play in the woods. Now I’m the guy who rides his go-cart on the roads and uses the woods to get away from the police. I know I’ve changed since third grade. I know most the people I used to talk to have changed too… That’s all I’ve to say for now. I apologize for having to make a new comment, I ran out of room on the other one… Good Evening, Phil.


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