Not everyone is for you…But does it really matter?

Today in the schedule there is no reading which gives me time to reflect back on the week’s old testament readings to review and ponder what it says. Today’s reading starts with a story about Sheba who not only went against David, but convinced others to leave him too. Not everyone is going to stick with you through think and thin. Not everyone is for you, but if God is for you, who can be against you! We need to remember that the battle belongs to the Lord and that we aren’t to be easily offended! It’s interesting that this week’s Psalm has been from 119 and the idea of not being easily offended above resonates with this verse which I haven’t reached yet: “165Those who love your law have perfect security, and there is nothing that can make them fall.” which in the Amplified translation is said this way: “165Great peace have they who love Your law; nothing shall offend them or make them stumble. [Prov. 3:2; Isa. 32:17.]” and looking to Proverbs 3:2 we read: “For length of days and years of a life [worth living] and tranquility [inward and outward and continuing through old age till death], these shall they add to you.” along with Isaiah 32:17 where we read: “And the effect of righteousness will be peace [internal and external], and the result of righteousness will be quietness and confident trust forever.” So we don’t need to focus on or get stuck worrying about the fact that not everyone is for us, but rather, let’s focus on sticking close to God because if God is for you, who can be against you!

So as I reflect on the Old Testament readings here are my notes…

2 Samuel 20

  • One bad seed can ruin the bunch
  • Realize what’s going on and where to put your hope in trust. (in God!)
  • Know who you are meeting and what to expect
  • Seek wisdom. Allow wisdom offered to be received.
  • Don’t try to cut off your nose despite your face is a quote I have heard that seems to align to the reading, don’t destroy the whole good city because of one person in their midst

2 Samuel 21

  • God is just and remembers when things haven’t been dealt with
  • Is there a dark cloud over something that needs to be taken care of? Turn to God for wisdom so that it can be taken care o fin the right way
  • Know your limits and your role in the kingdom
  • Are there giants in your life that need to be taken care of? Don’t fear them, put your trust in God!

2 Samuel 22

  • Celebrate what God has done in and through your life!
  • Realize that God is your protector like a fortress
  • He is your protection and so with him you are safe
  • He is your shield who defends and keeps you safe
  • He is your savior who protects you and saves you from violence
  • Remember to call to Him in your times of need for he saves
  • He knows where you are at and can come right where you are at to save you
  • Do what is right for He blesses those who do right
  • Be obedient to the Lord
  • Do good as much as is within your power
  • Be faithful to God!
  • God desires for us to be perfect, pure, humble and through Jesus Christ all things are possible so don’t lose hope!
  • Call to God who will be your light in the darkness
  • Call to God who will be your strength in weakness
  • God is perfect and dependable to His Words
  • Follow after God who will make your pathway safe
  • The battle belongs to the Lord!

2 Samuel 23

  • Consider what God has and is and will do so that you will live a life after His calling for your life
  • David’s last words:

2The spirit of the Lord speaks through me; his message is on my lips. 3The God of Israel has spoken; the protector of Israel said to me: “The king who rules with justice, who rules in obedience to God, 4is like the sun shining on a cloudless dawn, the sun that makes the grass sparkle after rain.” 5And that is how God will bless my descendants, because he has made an eternal covenant with me, an agreement that will not be broken, a promise that will not be changed. That is all I desire; that will be my victory, and God will surely bring it about. 6But godless people are like thorns that are thrown away; no one can touch them barehanded. 7You must use an iron tool or a spear; they will be burned completely.

  • How will you be remembered? What will your legacy look like?
  • Are you a leader? Are you in the top ranks? Will you be remembered in the three? Will you be considered a member of the mighty men? Will you be part of the 30?

2 Samuel 24

  • Remember what you should and shouldn’t do
  • Remember where your hope and help comes from
  • Don’t put your trust in numbers
  • Be willing to be corrected before you go too far
  • Realize there are consequences to putting your trust in anything other than God!
  • How will you choose to deal with the consequences? Will you trust God enough to be just?
  • Will you go and do what is required to make amends?
  • Will you pay to make amends? Will you grab a hold of the truth from the statement David made of “No, I will pay you for it. I will not offer to the Lord my God sacrifices that have cost me nothing.

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