Will you go quietly? Will you do what it takes to accomplish the goal?

It’s interesting to me how checking out blogs I follow, God’s Word, and reviewing past posting about forgiveness can point me to a previous blog posting all on the same day. (Can pressure make people do things they don’t believe in?)

Will you object? Will you object too much? Will you protest too much? The risk you run is that people may start to believe you aren’t sincere. They may think you are trying to hide something. But what if you don’t say anything? What if you aren’t supposed to? What if you are supposed to be quiet like a sheep going to the shearer or a lamb to the slaughter? Why did Jesus go so quietly? Because of the greater plan and the greater purpose! Pilate asked question, Pilate was being pressured, Pilate was warned by his wife, but what happened? Did he do something he didn’t believe in? Was he acting out of fear? Was he giving in? He was unaware of the purpose he had to play in accomplishing God’s greater plan. Jesus knew what he was doing!

So where are you at today? Are you feeling like you are missing out? Are you feeling like you are being treated wrong? Do you realize the reality of the situation though? Do you realize that you are just being prepared for all that is yet to come? Do you realize that we aren’t being treated like slaves, but are really being treated like and groomed because we are His children! (checkout Galatians 4:1-7) So don’t turn away from God, turn to Him! Follow after Him in all that you do! Don’t let the old ways sway you from the power and the truth and the hope that is found in and through Jesus, but hold firm to the faith and hope that you found when you came into relationship with Jesus so that you can live a life to the full, as He has planned complete and lacking nothing! Take a look around you, are there others who are in need? Do they need you to step up and speak out in love and truth so that they will be saved? Will you be willing to put it out on the line in order that they will come to know the truth? What is more important to you? Being comfortable or being used by God? Don’t get so comfortable that you stop being available or open to what God has for you to accomplish!

God has your back! God goes before you to prepare in advance the good work He has for you to accomplish! So don’t stop pursuing! Don’t stop chasing after God! Don’t forget what He has done in and through you! Remember how you were received! Remember how He setup what is yet to come! Remember the lessons of the past! Remember the promises of the future! And pursue after God with all of your heart, all of your mind, all of your strength, and all of your soul! Finish the race and finish it strong!

Today’s reading for me came from: Mark 15:1-15, Galatians 4:1-20, Psalm 114


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