Everything is possible…

This is one thing I bring up when people question if something can be done. Over the weekend another verse came up around all things are permissible, but not all things are beneficial nor are all things constructive. So even if it may be possible, we need to weigh the consequences and benefits too. I usually say something like I read in a good book that all things are possible. Today’s reading comes the passage where I take this quote. What to do if you don’t have enough faith? Ask God for fill you up. The key to all possibilities is in faith! If you don’t believe that you can then you won’t and in many cases you won’t even try. So believe! Having problems believing? Ask God to help your unbelief! Need more faith? Ask God to give you more!

Jesus Heals a Boy with an Evil Spirit

(Matthew 17.14-21; Luke 9.37-43a)
14When they joined the rest of the disciples, they saw a large crowd around them and some teachers of the Law arguing with them. 15When the people saw Jesus, they were greatly surprised, and ran to him and greeted him. 16Jesus asked his disciples, “What are you arguing with them about?”
17A man in the crowd answered, “Teacher, I brought my son to you, because he has an evil spirit in him and cannot talk. 18Whenever the spirit attacks him, it throws him to the ground, and he foams at the mouth, grits his teeth, and becomes stiff all over. I asked your disciples to drive the spirit out, but they could not.”
19Jesus said to them, “How unbelieving you people are! How long must I stay with you? How long do I have to put up with you? Bring the boy to me!” 20They brought him to Jesus.
As soon as the spirit saw Jesus, it threw the boy into a fit, so that he fell on the ground and rolled around, foaming at the mouth. 21“How long has he been like this?” Jesus asked the father.
“Ever since he was a child,” he replied. 22“Many times the evil spirit has tried to kill him by throwing him in the fire and into water. Have pity on us and help us, if you possibly can!”
23“Yes,” said Jesus, “if you yourself can! Everything is possible for the person who has faith.”
24The father at once cried out, “I do have faith, but not enough. Help me have more!
25Jesus noticed that the crowd was closing in on them, so he gave a command to the evil spirit. “Deaf and dumb spirit,” he said, “I order you to come out of the boy and never go into him again!”
26The spirit screamed, threw the boy into a bad fit, and came out. The boy looked like a corpse, and everyone said, “He is dead!” 27But Jesus took the boy by the hand and helped him rise, and he stood up.
28After Jesus had gone indoors, his disciples asked him privately, “Why couldn’t we drive the spirit out?”
29“Only prayer can drive this kind out,” answered Jesus; “nothing else can.”

Jesus Speaks Again about His Death

(Matthew 17.22, 23; Luke 9.43b-45)
30Jesus and his disciples left that place and went on through Galilee. Jesus did not want anyone to know where he was, 31because he was teaching his disciples: “The Son of Man will be handed over to those who will kill him. Three days later, however, he will rise to life.”
~from Mark 9 (GNT)

Don’t lose hope! Don’t lose faith! God’s got a plan and He wins! Not sure what to do? PRAY! Not sure what to say? ASK for WISDOM! For God will provide it liberally without finding fault.

Do you realize we each have a part? Do you realize that by being joyful and being generous all the time, when the time comes it’s not going to be burdensome, rather it will be a joy. Consider what life would be like hanging around with someone who is generous all the time. Generous with their time. Generous with the money. Generous with their lives. What impact does that have to a community? Do you recall how great it felt to give a hand up to someone? Do you recall how great it felt to be generous? Do you remember the response of joy and thankfulness from the other person? It is a joy unspeakable that won’t go away. It’s more than we could ask or imagine.

The Offering for Needy Believers

1Now, concerning what you wrote about the money to be raised to help God’s people in Judea. You must do what I told the churches in Galatia to do. 2Every Sunday each of you must put aside some money, in proportion to what you have earned, and save it up, so that there will be no need to collect money when I come. 3After I come, I shall give letters of introduction to those you have approved, and send them to take your gift to Jerusalem. 4If it seems worthwhile for me to go, then they can go along with me.

Paul’s Plans

5I shall come to you after I have gone through Macedonia—for I have to go through Macedonia. 6I shall probably spend some time with you, perhaps the whole winter, and then you can help me to continue my trip, wherever it is I shall go next. 7I want to see you more than just briefly in passing; I hope to spend quite a long time with you, if the Lord allows.
8I will stay here in Ephesus until the day of Pentecost. 9There is a real opportunity here for great and worthwhile work, even though there are many opponents.
10If Timothy comes your way, be sure to make him feel welcome among you, because he is working for the Lord, just as I am. 11No one should look down on him, but you must help him continue his trip in peace, so that he will come back to me; for I am expecting him back with the believers.
12Now, about brother Apollos. I have often encouraged him to visit you with the other believers, but he is not completely convinced that he should go at this time. When he gets the chance, however, he will go.
~from 1 Corinthians 16 (GNT)

Don’t give up! Don’t give in!

Final Words

13Be alert, stand firm in the faith, be brave, be strong. 14Do all your work in love.
15You know about Stephanas and his family; they are the first Christian converts in Achaia and have given themselves to the service of God’s people. I beg you, my friends, 16to follow the leadership of such people as these, and of anyone else who works and serves with them.
17I am happy about the coming of Stephanas, Fortunatus, and Achaicus; they have made up for your absence 18and have cheered me up, just as they cheered you up. Such men as these deserve notice.
19The churches in the province of Asia send you their greetings; Aquila and Priscilla and the church that meets in their house send warm Christian greetings. 20All the believers here send greetings.
Greet one another with the kiss of peace.
21With my own hand I write this: Greetings from Paul.
22Whoever does not love the Lord—a curse on him!
Marana tha—Our Lord, come!
23The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you.
24My love be with you all in Christ Jesus.
~from 1 Corinthians 16 (GNT)

Let’s love! Love one another! Love God!

Let’s do what’s right! Let’s seek justice! Let’s not allow our feelings to direct our path, but the perfect will of God! Let’s seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness! Let’s pursue Him! And let’s live lives that will glorify Him in all we say and do! Let’s speak out and speak up for those who can’t. Let’s speak love and hope that hearts will be transformed through the power of Jesus! Let’s turn to the one and true source for all wisdom, The Bible — God’s Word!

God the Judge of All

1Lord, you are a God who punishes;
reveal your anger!
2You are the judge of us all;
rise and give the proud what they deserve!
3How much longer will the wicked be glad?
How much longer, Lord?
4How much longer will criminals be proud
and boast about their crimes?
5They crush your people, Lord;
they oppress those who belong to you.
6They kill widows and orphans,
and murder the strangers who live in our land.
7They say, “The Lord does not see us;
the God of Israel does not notice.”
8My people, how can you be such stupid fools?
When will you ever learn?
9God made our ears—can’t he hear?
He made our eyes—can’t he see?
10He scolds the nations—won’t he punish them?#

94.10: them?; or our wicked leaders?
He is the teacher of us all—hasn’t he any knowledge?
11The Lord knows what we think;
he knows how senseless our reasoning is.
12Lord, how happy are those you instruct,
the ones to whom you teach your law!
13You give them rest from days of trouble
until a pit is dug to trap the wicked.
14The Lord will not abandon his people;
he will not desert those who belong to him.
15Justice will again be found in the courts,
and all righteous people will support it.
16Who stood up for me against the wicked?
Who took my side against the evildoers?
17If the Lord had not helped me,
I would have gone quickly to the land of silence
18I said, “I am falling”;
but your constant love, O Lord, held me up.
19Whenever I am anxious and worried,
you comfort me and make me glad.
20You have nothing to do with corrupt judges,
who make injustice legal,
21who plot against good people
and sentence the innocent to death.
22But the Lord defends me;
my God protects me.
23He will punish them for their wickedness
and destroy them for their sins;
the Lord our God will destroy them.
~from Psalm 94 (GNT)

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