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The pendulum…

In your life have you ever experienced the pendulum decisions? Where it goes from one extreme to the other? Some examples I have lived through include centralize vs decentralize, work together vs focus on your own area, and through it … Continue reading

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It’s a matter of the heart!

Are you doing it out of routine and habit rather than out of love and desire? Are you doing it because it is what you were taught or out of a heart to serve? Are you doing it to look … Continue reading

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Imagine the problems with no standard!

Is there a reason for not having standards? Is there a reason to not call out the right way to do something? Is there anything in life that shouldn’t have standards defined? Imagine the world and the never ending problems … Continue reading

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Don’t be afraid! Keep your eyes on target!

There are so many reasons that I like the reading today and so many messages that are attached to it. First is that almost two years ago, on a day when I was contemplating a career shift as I was … Continue reading

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How can you help with the little that you have?

Ever been in a position where you are hearing people asking for help, but you think to yourself, how can I help? I don’t have much? I only have a little, how could I help such a big cause? Do … Continue reading

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