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How will you want to be remembered?

As I think about the past and focus on the future one thing that comes to mind is the word legacy. What am I and can I do to leave a legacy behind me that will provide benefits to the … Continue reading

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Who are you?

Who do people say you are? What do people say you do? Who do people think you are? What do people think you do? But who are you? What do you do? What do you believe? What do you think? … Continue reading

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Do you realize there is a higher purpose?

You have a calling on your life! Are you willing to go through to the end to accomplish it? Are you willing to do the heavy lifting required? Are you ready to go to the end in order to complete … Continue reading

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How often do you remember?

How often do you consider the sacrifice that was made for you? How often do you consider the courage it took? How often do you consider the commitment it took? How often do you reflect on where you are at … Continue reading

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Imagine getting to see the first coming…

Imagine getting to be a part of the first time something happened. Imagine the excitement and the energy around it. Imagine the miracles and the touched lives. Imagine the full impact of witnessing it. Imagine missing out the reality and … Continue reading

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