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How do you measure? Who is the greatest?

Is it based on how good they are? Is it based on how fast they are? Is it based on how dependable they are? Is it based on their character? Is it based on their attitude? Is it based on … Continue reading

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Are you prepared?

Are you getting ready for what you will face today? Are you getting into the right environment or setting up the right environment for success? Being prepared, don’t give up and have faith to walk into and through every situation … Continue reading

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In the midst of a storm? Starting to panic? Not sure what to do?

Be of good cheer! Take courage! Don’t be afraid! Jesus is with you! This Word rings to close to me. It was on a day when the water was rocky at work. Things were out of line and I was … Continue reading

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Will you bring anyone with you?

Are you a leader? Do you have many followers? Do you have an inner circle? Do you have your right hand people you will bring with you? Don’t be a lone wolf and try to do it all alone! Don’t be someone who is just running ahead of the pack! Be a real leader! Be a great leader! Continue reading

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Who are you? Who am I? Who are they? Who are we?

When people speak of me, what do they say? When people think of me, what do they think? How about you? Who do people think you are? What do they believe about you? What characteristics do they give or label … Continue reading

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