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Have you seen it? Have you heard about it? Are you using it? Don’t give it up!

What is this “it” that I am speaking about you ask? It is FAITH! Have you seen the way people live when they have faith? Have you heard people of faith speaking? Are you a person of faith? How are … Continue reading

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God is accessible! Open door policy…will you enter?

Thanks to all that Jesus did, we now have direct access to God. We don’t need to have a human go-between, but rather we are able to go directly to Jesus who is interceding for us. In the old days … Continue reading

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It’s better to give!

Are you someone who is generous? Have you ever seen how happy it makes people who are generous to give? Do you realize that we all have something to give? Maybe it’s our talents? Maybe it’s our time? Maybe it’s … Continue reading

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Humility rather than pride. Servant rather than master. Leader rather than boss.

Heavenly Father, As I start my reading today I want to thank You for this new day and for all your plans within it. I want to praise You for the incredible day yesterday and the incredible blessings and favor … Continue reading

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What is in the center of your life?

Are you focused on money? Are you focused on stuff? Are you focused on relationships? Are you focused on people? Are you focused on work? Are you focused on family? What are you focused on? What is in the center … Continue reading

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