Heaven is the destination. Don’t settle for less!

Are you using what you are going through to encourage you towards your final destination? Are you allowing the situations of today and the hopes of tomorrow to replenish your joy for you know what is yet to come? What is allowing you to keep your joy and your cheer? Is it your focus on … Continue reading Heaven is the destination. Don’t settle for less!


Are you the proof?

Is your life the proof of a life changed? Is your life the evidence of a great plan? Is your life the testimony of God working through you? Are you proof of God's Spirit working in you? When people look at you do they notice something different? When people look at you is there a … Continue reading Are you the proof?

Who are you coming alongside to help?

I know I have gone through some pretty tough times. Times when I felt abandoned and mistreated. Times when I felt very alone and very down. Times where God was beside me, encouraging me every morning with His Word, encouraging me on my travels with songs that spoke right into my very situation. In that … Continue reading Who are you coming alongside to help?

Do you realize the source?

Where is the work for you to do coming from? Where is the energy to get the work done coming from? He is the ultimate provider! God is the answer! No matter what you are facing, no matter what is coming your way, no matter the questions, God is the answer! Through Jesus the resurrection … Continue reading Do you realize the source?

It’s all about LOVE!

Do you want know what love is? Do you want me to show you? It's not something made up! It's not something we thought up! It's synonymous with God! Today's Word reveals this to us. If You replace LOVE with GOD, it will show you His character. Now if we could take our names and … Continue reading It’s all about LOVE!