Everyone is looking for hope!

Look around you, there are people starving for hope. Look, they are searching for hope, for love, for wisdom, for a reason, for a purpose. Some have found it but are they sharing? Some have found it but are they caring? Some have found it but are they keeping it to themselves? When we know the story, we should be sharing the story! When we know the story, we should be giving Him the glory! It’s not my power or strength or wisdom, but it is by the power of Jesus Christ working in and through me!

This morning’s reading starts in a new book, the book of Mark 1-2, and Psalm 99. We see John who goes in advance and is calling people to get back in alignment with God’s will and plan and purpose for their lives. Asking people to turn back to God, ask for forgiveness of their sins, and be baptized. He was preparing the way for Jesus who was coming. Because he was sharing hope with people, they were coming to hear and learn what He spoke of. He was preparing people to hear from Jesus who through the Holy Spirit would help cleanse from the inside out! Jesus came and was baptized, not because He needed to get right with God, but to lead by example and show us the things we ought to do.

People need to know they can trust God! People need to know during the tests and trials of the devil, we can put our hope and trust in God! The devil knows the Bible and he will try to twist its meaning around to try and mess with us when we are weak. We see him even try this on Jesus after Jesus had fasted for 40 days. But Jesus stood by God’s Word and the devil let Him be, looking for the next time he could try and trip Him up.

People may be wondering when? People may be wondering how? The truth of the matter is that the time is now and Jesus is the how! God has a plan and a purpose for you and your life and He is calling you to come and follow Him. He has you where you are for such a day and such a time as this. There are people all around you looking for and craving hope and good news.

Where does your confidence come from? Mine comes from the Lord! Are you willing to speak life, hope, truth into the lives of those around you? Speak it in love! Be prepared to give a reason for the hope that is within you! Be prepared for those who would try and derail you or try to away from God’s plans and purpose. Instead, resist the devil and he will flee. Instead, ask God for wisdom so that you can give a reason for the hope that is within you. Let’s let our words be true! Let’s live what we say and say what we live! Are you living a transformed life where people notice the difference? Can people tell that you have had an encounter with Jesus? Let’s live lives that point people to Jesus! Let’s live lives that show the way to go, where to turn, and what to do!

Do you feel like a castaway, like you have been thrown out, like people want nothing to do with you? That’s not God’s plan or desire. He desires to be in relationship with you. He desires for you to walk in fellowship with Him. Is that not you? Are you going out to find those who need to hear the good news? Are you speaking into the lives of the people you are getting to meet? Are you sharing God’s love and hope with the people in your travels and journeys? Do you realize people are willing, but they aren’t sure if you are? They know that you can if you want to, but they aren’t sure if you want to? They see you walking up. They’ve seen you walking by. Will you stop and have the divine appointment God has set before you? Are you willing to be who God has called you to be? Are you willing to do what God is asking you to do? Do you want to?

We need each other! We are to love one another! Are you getting together with others in an effort to get your friends to Jesus? How much do you care that you would do something to help them get where they need to be that they could be touched, healed, freed by Jesus? Would you carry them? Would you climb onto a roof? Would you help? Would you lift someone up so that they could be touched? Would you give them a hand up so that they wouldn’t need to be stuck? Some people did just that and transformation took place, revelation and confrontation of the truth also came up, and God was glorified.

Do you see the people around you? Do you take time to notice where they are at? Do you see how much they are seeking hope and truth? Do you see how far out of the way they would go to be able to get a glimpse of hope, love, and truth? Are you willing to engage them in conversation? Are you willing to stop what you are doing to be able to speak into their lives and have an encounter God can use? Will you call them down to meet with you? Will you share the love that God has given you with them? Will you share the hope that is within you so that they may meet with God and be transformed? Do you see the needs around you?

Do you realize what you have right in your possession? Do you realize the time you are living in? Timing is everything? There are seasons when people are more receptive to hear from God, to have an encounter with God, and to accept your invitation to come and hear God’s Word spoken!

Do you under the why? Do you understand the reason for a day of rest? Do you realize the reason for the Sabbath?

Each of us has a purpose! Each of us have a part to play! Let’s do our part so that God will receive the praise, the honor, and the glory in Jesus’ name. Amen!

Not sure what to do or where to start? Turn to God in prayer and He will speak to you!

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