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Would you recognize him if you saw him? Would you believe it if you had been there?

This morning’s reading starts in Malachi 3 and has two very interesting titles: “The Master You’ve Been Looking For” and “The Difference Between Serving God and Not Serving Him“. The reading speaks to the coming of John who will prepare … Continue reading

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Are you honoring? Are you showing respect?

Today’s reading from Malachi raises very interesting questions. If you look at how you speak, what is it really saying? If you look at how you are acting, what is it really saying? What is it saying to those around you? … Continue reading

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Where are you focused?

There is so much going on. There are so many things that could be getting your attention. There are so many things competing for your attention and your time. Are you on the look out? Are you following something or … Continue reading

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Is there hope for those who have lied or stolen?

This morning’s reading starts with a very interesting vision. It caused me to wonder how to start the title of today’s blog. I also remembered a video I once read that was asking the question of people if they were … Continue reading

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Turn back…I care so much about you, I want to spend eternity with you.

What if your morning started with a message from God and the message spoke this: ‘Come back to me and I’ll come back to you. Don’t be like your parents. The old-time prophets called out to them, “A Message from … Continue reading

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