Don’t be afraid!

Fear Not, Just Believe!

Don’t be afraid of people. Don’t be afraid of what they say. Don’t be afraid of your surroundings. Don’t be afraid of your situation. Don’t be afraid of the hard looks.

Has God given you something to say? Has He put you in such a position for such a day as this? Don’t rebel against what He speaks or directs you to do. Trust in Him and His Word! He is your guarantee! No matter what it is He has for you to say, say it for it has a purpose and God’s purpose is for good. Be it that He has a warning for others. Be it that He has a promise for others. Be it that He has a direction for others. Be bold and courageous and do what He is calling you to do!

When He sends you go. Be aware of the people who He has sent you to and how they are. He may send you to people you don’t know and who have never heard about His great love where they will receive the message and turn to God and praise Him. He may send you to people who are a bit more hard hearted and are resistant to receiving the message of God. Don’t give up, but be persistent in your goal to share the Good News of God and the love and salvation of God. Keep up the good fight. Keep up the good work. Keep on keeping on. Don’t be intimidated, keep your trust in God and continue to be the light and the messenger God has created you to be. Don’t lose hope, but put on the full armor of God as you stand firm on the rock that is firm and immovable. Take the words God has given you and make them your own. Share the truth and the hope and the love of God that not only have you received and learned about, but that you have truly experienced and can testify about. How God was able to come into your life and transform you from the inside out.

Your goal is to speak the good news. It is not for you to make them receive it, just to deliver the message God has given you to speak. Some plant. Some water. Some till. But God makes it grow!

Consider your role! Consider your responsibility! Are you a watchman in the tower? When you get a message from God about what is going on, warn the people. Keep sharing the message and the updates that come to you. Allow God’s love, wisdom, direction, correction to be shared with those around you. Don’t hold it in for it won’t help you or anyone else to do that. By being a watchman, you are being called to another level. If you don’t warn the others, then when something happens, not only will you be in trouble or guilty of that judgement, you will also be guilty for what has happened to the other person for not having spoken up. However, if you warn them and they don’t respond, they will still receive the judgment, but you won’t be guilty or responsible for you had warned them. By speaking the warning, you give them the chance to be saved. By keeping it to yourself, you are condemning both them and yourself.

Keep on the good path and doing good things. If you turn from those ways and stray. If you start to miss the mark and walk away from God and then when you are warned about it and still don’t turn back, you will have to deal with the consequences. If you turn back to God when you are warned, then you will be saved.

You have a responsibility to share the message and the warning. They have the responsibility to determine how they will respond.

An example was when I was given the message to go and ask for forgiveness. That was my choice and it didn’t matter how they responded, it was my responsibility to ask to be forgiven. Another is when I had to forgive others, unless I did it (which thank God I did) I wouldn’t have come to the realization that because I forgave them, God would be able to forgive me.

Where are you at today? What state are you in? What will you do about it? Which way are you going to turn? Today’s message from God’s Word from Ezekiel 1-4 and Psalm 33 speaks of an incredible time that required incredible measures. It speaks of the miraculous and the need for obedience and wisdom. Consider where you are at and what you need to do. Consider where you are at and how you need to respond.

Need to talk? Want to talk? Have questions? Leave me a comment or a question as I would be happy to talk with you.


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