Are you in a leadership role? Are you living up to your responsibilities?

When in a position of leadership, you are called to a higher level. You are called to additional responsibilities, because it isn’t just about you any longer. It’s about you and those following. If you are the shepherd, it is about all of the sheep. You are accountable for so much more now, you and the others. How are you leading them? How are you nurturing them? How are you instructing them? How are you disciplining them? How are you correcting them? Where are you leading them? What are you teaching them? There is a greater strictness that will be used when you are judged!

So how are you living today? What are others seeing in you? Are they wanting to join and follow? Are they wanting to leave and flee?

Are you leading justly? Are you building unity? Are you leading with honesty and integrity? Are  you serving or ordering? Are you serving or demanding? Are you a leader who comes to serve or to be served? Who are you using as a role model for how to lead?

Are you a prophet? a priest? a king? Are you someone with vision and is very creative? Are you someone who motivational and a good communicator? Are you someone who is very organized and is able to administrate? How are you using your talents? Are you using them for good? Are you using them to build up and strengthen others? Are you doing it to help? Are you doing it with the right heart?

In all of it, no matter what kind of a leader you are, lead in LOVE! Without love none of those types of leadership can succeed. Without love the key ingredient to life is missing and success, true success will be lacking. When there is love as a core ingredient to your leadership, then you can bring together a team that has a relationship to work towards win-win results. The members will come together in unity. They will come together with integrity. It is the one way for leadership to bring and develop and produce winning teams.

Are you leading others today? Do you have a vision that makes people want to follow you? Do you have a way to communicate the goals so that others will go with you on the journey? Are you able to manage in a way to help your followers moving forward? I remember hearing once that if you think you are a leader, but nobody is following you, you are just going for a walk.

Imagine if you were able to grab onto all of this so powerfully, so profoundly that it could transform history forever. Jesus did it! He grabbed onto the vision from the Father. Over His 3 year ministry, he built up and developed that vision in others and helped them to be able to grasp it and understand it. Even to the point where after He was crucified, rose from the dead and ascended into heaven, to this day, the truth and love of God are still being preached because of Jesus!

So as you consider where you are at today: leader or follower, are you speaking truth? Are you trying to make things better or just better for yourself? Are you speaking truth or is everything coming out of you hot air and lies? Where do you turn for wisdom? Who do you call for advice? Is it someone reliable? Is the source you are pulling from foolproof?

We should be truth teller. We shouldn’t be making stuff up. We should be people of integrity. We should be people who are tossed by the wind this way and that. For this to happen we need a firm foundation. We need a cornerstone from which to build our lives. We need a way, a path that is straight to follow. We need a counselor who will never leave us nor forsake us. We need someone who will stick closer than a brother. We need someone who will correct us and sharpen us as iron sharpens iron.

When you consider your prayer life, is it one of meditation or intercession or confession?

So are you helping people to get back on track because of having spent time hearing and understanding what needs to be done? Are you helping them to get out of the ruts they have fallen into?  OR… are you speaking your own ideas and lies? Are you leading people astray?

God’s desire is that if we have a message from Him that we speak it truthfully and faithfully. God won’t put up with the lies, the deceit, the rumors, the gossip that are being made up to mess up the lives of others. Be honest about the source of your message. Don’t be making things up. Do you think you know it all? Really?

If you were going to be grouped into one of two groups, which group would you be in?

1-2God showed me two baskets of figs placed in front of the Temple of God. This was after Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon had taken Jehoiachin son of Jehoiakim king of Judah from Jerusalem into exile in Babylon, along with the leaders of Judah, the craftsmen, and the skilled laborers. In one basket the figs were of the finest quality, ripe and ready to eat. In the other basket the figs were rotten, so rotten they couldn’t be eaten.
3God said to me, “Jeremiah, what do you see?”
“Figs,” I said. “Excellent figs of the finest quality, and also rotten figs, so rotten they can’t be eaten.”
4-6Then God told me, “This is the Message from the God of Israel: The exiles from here that I’ve sent off to the land of the Babylonians are like the good figs, and I’ll make sure they get good treatment. I’ll keep my eye on them so that their lives are good, and I’ll bring them back to this land. I’ll build them up, not tear them down; I’ll plant them, not uproot them.
7“And I’ll give them a heart to know me, God. They’ll be my people and I’ll be their God, for they’ll have returned to me with all their hearts.
8-10“But like the rotten figs, so rotten they can’t be eaten, is Zedekiah king of Judah. Rotten figs—that’s how I’ll treat him and his leaders, along with the survivors here and those down in Egypt. I’ll make them something that the whole world will look on as disgusting—repugnant outcasts, their names used as curse words wherever in the world I drive them. And I’ll make sure they die like flies—from war, starvation, disease, whatever—until the land I once gave to them and their ancestors is completely rid of them.” — Jeremiah 24

Are you the good figs or the rotten figs? Are you part of the group that is pursuing God and will good or part of the group who has rejected God and will be cast away?

So today as a leader and as a follower, we get to choose what we will do. Will we pursue and follow truth that lasts or will we follow after the fads and temporary things of the day? Will you listen and hear what the truth has to say, for the truth will set you free? Will you stop up your ears and ignore the truth and try to go it your way? Will you turn back to God and His ways and His truth or will you keep going down the windy path away from Him? What do you believe? What do you look at as a source of truth? Do you have a solid rock to build upon? Do you have a corner stone to build from to ensure that it is properly aligned and level so that it will be strong and sturdy? Do you have an advocate in your life who is that sturdy and reliable? You can because His name is Jesus! He is the way, the truth, and the light. He gave it all so that we can be saved, we can be reborn, and get reconciled with God for eternity.

So don’t be a leader who draws people down the wrong path. Don’t be a leader who is causing pain and sorrow. Don’t be a leader who is leading his flock to the slaughter.

What are you going to do with the gifts, talents, and responsibilities that you have been given?

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