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It’s the end of 2013. How will you prepare for 2014? Are you ready for it?

As I started my day and considered my year in review, everything that came to mind was to how thankful I am for what God had done in transforming my year. He started in February giving me a morning reading … Continue reading

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Do your actions align with the reality of the situation?

Are you just pretending? Are you sending a message that is different from your intent? Have you heard that actions speak louder than words? Imagine how much louder when the rest of the story is revealed! 47¬†While he was still … Continue reading

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Are you walking around with a block on your shoulder?

Do you have an attitude? Do you have a persona that pushes people the wrong way? Do you act in a way that is loving and caring? What do people think when they see you? What are you building your … Continue reading

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How would things work out if life were all based on numbers?

If everything in life was based on numbers that people have how would things work out? With every number being created, generated, or produced by a human or something that a human programmed or designed doesn’t this leave open the … Continue reading

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Are you connected to the vine?

Were you from the original growth? Were you grafted onto the vine? Either way, you are connected and how you grow and the fruits you produce will be seen and considered by the gardener as He decides where to trim. … Continue reading

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