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What has God asked you to do? Have you done it?

Let’s not just be hearers of the word, but doers of the word. Have you ever had a situation where God has prompted you, spoken to you, encouraged you, put something in your heart for you to do something? What … Continue reading

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Where are you putting your hope and trust?

Is it somewhere trustworthy? Is it in something or someone who is able to live up to such hope and trust? Have you aligned yourself with the right side? Consider these two verse: “Woe to the obstinate children,” declares the … Continue reading

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Make sure you know the difference between assumption, presumption, and faith.

Many place you may find assume and presume used interchangeably since the dictionary has them listed as synonyms. And you know what they say about assumeā€¦ One difference we can see if the prefix of the words: Assume As which … Continue reading

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Wait for it, wait for it…

Ever get the message that things are going to change? How do you respond? Do you become anxious? Do you become nervous? Do you get excited? Are you patient? Are you prepared? Are you getting ready? Are you doing anything about … Continue reading

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Life is made up of a lot of small things with a few big ones mixed in.

There are many life lessons to be learned by just living life. To do this we end up going through the ups and downs of the journey which help form us into the person we are today. It’s not for … Continue reading

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