God looks past the surface. He looks deep within your heart and mind.

Life is filled with challenges
that will test
our determination
our faith in God.
With each situation
our character
is sure to be tested.

Are you being threatened by evil? Or every day hassles? How will you respond and what is that speaking about the true content of your heart and mind?

Don’t make a mistake to overlook the fact that God tests our hearts, our emotions, and our mind. Consider how much pressure they put on steel to make sure it is good enough to be part of a bridge or a skyscraper. Consider the stress that gets put on the wings of a plane to make sure they hold up to flight. In each case it has the purpose of showing that it can perform at the level its maker says it can. So how are we doing when it comes to comparing against what the maker of all things has said we should be? When we look at it from the comparison against the true standard of quality – the Bible?

As the manufacturers have to test against what they say it can do, God does the same with us.

“Are you being tested today? The key is to keep trusting God, even if you don’t understand. There is no such thing as trusting God without unanswered questions, but when you push ahead, despite your doubts, He will build you up and make you strong.”

(notes on today’s devotional)

Passing Life’s Tests

9 End the evil of those who are wicked, and defend the righteous. For you look deep within the mind and heart, O righteous God.

Psalm 7:9

Prayer Starter (from today’s devotional)

Lord, when tested, I want to be ready, holding up under pressure, following You no matter what. Show me daily how to put my trust in You, even when I struggle with unanswered questions.

Heavenly Father,
I thank You Lord for this new day and for all that will be in it. This is the day that You have made, I will rejoice and be glad in it. Lord, You are so awesome and I put my hope and trust in You. You go and light the way before me and You are my rear guard who protects me from any side swipes or attacks from behind. As I walk in the light that You shine, give me the wisdom to do the right things and glorify You through my thoughts, actions, and words. As daily distractions try to get me off track Lord, I pray that You will help me to stay focused and moving forward for the glory of Your Kingdom. Help me Lord to be a rock rather than a reed. Help me Lord to be a pillar that is able to endure the pressure and stress in a way that will point others to You. Help me Lord to be like the moon that reflects the light of the sun for people to be able to see in the dark. Help me Lord to reflect the light of the Son in this dark world so that people are able to be directed to Jesus and have the divine intervention that will transform their lives forever. Lord, You are so good to me and I know that Your Word speaks to all of us that You have a plan and purpose for each of us. Help us today Lord. And as I step out today in faith, may You receive all the praise, the honor, and the glory in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Fearful to Fearless

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom; all those who practice it have a good understanding. His praise endures forever!

Psalm 111:10 (ESV)

Biblical Truth:

Good sense and sound judgment belong to those who worship the Lord, be mindful of His commandments and let the love of God reign in your life.


Today – Day 245

  • Ezekiel 21
    • Do you give God the credit He is due?
    • Do people know that You believe and are a follower of God?
    • Look around you – do you see what everyone is doing and what direction they are heading? Do you see how it is against what God has commanded and how it hurts His heart?
    • It saddens me to know that God won’t hold back judgment forever and that everyone has to make a choice – hopefully sooner rather than later.
    • Will you turn back to God, humble yourself and pray for forgiveness before it is too late?
    • Are the leaders leading you astray? Are they doing what is wrong and calling it right? Are they setting precedence that are against the will of God?
    • Are you going to walk with God or will you continue to rebel and have to deal with the consequences?
    • Turn things around and get back into alignment with God.
    • Don’t wait till you hit rock bottom before you decide to look up and cry out to God for help.
    • Give your life over to Jesus before it is too late. Eventually every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.
    • Judgment is coming.
  • Ezekiel 22
    • What would your response be if you were the recipient of a message like this?

this message from the Sovereign LORD: O city of murderers, doomed and damned—city of idols, filthy and foul—4 you are guilty because of the blood you have shed. You are defiled because of the idols you have made. Your day of destruction has come! You have reached the end of your years. I will make you an object of mockery throughout the world.

    • Considering where you live, does the description provided in the following text sound like any place you live or have read about recently?

5 O infamous city, filled with confusion, you will be mocked by people far and near. 6 “Every leader in Israel who lives within your walls is bent on murder.7 Fathers and mothers are treated with contempt. Foreigners are forced to pay for protection. Orphans and widows are wronged and oppressed among you.8 You despise my holy things and violate my Sabbath days of rest.9 People accuse others falsely and send them to their death. You are filled with idol worshipers and people who do obscene things.10 Men sleep with their fathers’ wives and have intercourse with women who are menstruating.11 Within your walls live men who commit adultery with their neighbors’ wives, who defile their daughters-in-law, or who rape their own sisters. 12 There are hired murderers, loan racketeers, and extortioners everywhere. They never even think of me and my commands, says the Sovereign LORD. 13 “But now I clap my hands in indignation over your dishonest gain and bloodshed.14 How strong and courageous will you be in my day of reckoning? I, the LORD, have spoken, and I will do what I said.15 I will scatter you among the nations and purge you of your wickedness.

    • Are you the precious metal like refined gold or silver? Are you the slag left over from the smelting process? Are you the dross that has all the impurities in it?
    • Are you a leader? How are you leading others? Are you leading them down the right path or off the right path?

25 Your princes plot conspiracies just as lions stalk their prey. They devour innocent people, seizing treasures and extorting wealth. They make many widows in the land.26 Your priests have violated my instructions and defiled my holy things. They make no distinction between what is holy and what is not. And they do not teach my people the difference between what is ceremonially clean and unclean. They disregard my Sabbath days so that I am dishonored among them.27 Your leaders are like wolves who tear apart their victims. They actually destroy people’s lives for money!28 And your prophets cover up for them by announcing false visions and making lying predictions. They say, ‘My message is from the Sovereign LORD,’ when the LORD hasn’t spoken a single word to them. 29 Even common people oppress the poor, rob the needy, and deprive foreigners of justice.

    • Are you willing to stand up and do what is right? Are you willing to step out in faith and do what God is calling you to do?

30 “I looked for someone who might rebuild the wall of righteousness that guards the land. I searched for someone to stand in the gap in the wall so I wouldn’t have to destroy the land, but I found no one. 31 So now I will pour out my fury on them, consuming them with the fire of my anger. I will heap on their heads the full penalty for all their sins. I, the Sovereign LORD, have spoken!”

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