We are part of the plan to help, to give a hand up, to do something.

Ever wondered
asked the question:

"God, how can You stand seeing all the pain, starving children, human trafficking, genocide, injustice, degradation, poverty, in the world and not do something?"

Did you get an answer?
Was it something like:

"I work through people. I’m waiting for My people to arise and do something."

We are supposed to be
part of the solution.

We are the body, so we should see what is going on, we should hear what is going on, we should speak up and speak out against injustice and speak into the lives of those around us and teach and preach, we should step out in faith to do what God has called us to do and to go, we should give a hand up to help out, we should embrace with a warm hug from a warm heart.

It will take all of us to do what we are called to do, for us to do our part to change this world. So put on LOVE and get to work.

Can you believe it? God wants us to be a part of the solution. He wants to see his people to be SOLUTIONARY – coming up with SOLUTIONS in an REVOLUTIONARY way. Isn’t it amazing? Consider the example of 2 Corinthians where the people first gave themselves to the Lord and God’s work as agents of God and then on top of that they gave as much as they could in order to be able to provide for and be a part of God’s plan.

So how will you give yourself to the Lord and be His agent today?

(Notes from today’s devotional)


God Works Through People

5 They even did more than we had hoped, for their first action was to give themselves to the Lord and to us, just as God wanted them to do.

2 Corinthians 8:5

Prayer Starter: (from today’s devotional)

God, I invite You to work through me. I choose to lay down selfishness and pick up love so that I can be used by You to change the world.

Heavenly Father,
I thank You Lord for this new day and for all that will be in it. I thank You Lord for my family and friends and for the blessing having You in the center is to me. I pray Lord that You will help me stay focused today and accomplish the many tasks You have for me. I pray that You will open doors of opportunity today to glorify You. I pray Lord that You will help me to share how grateful I am for all that You have done and are doing in my life. Lord, I thank You for the acceptance on the offer on the new place we are looking at and for scheduling a viewing of our current house the very next day. I pray Lord, that You will send the right people and coordinate the moving timing in Your glorious name. Help us Lord to put all of our hope and trust in You. Provide the wisdom for every situation that we may act and speak in ways that will bring You praise, honor, and glory in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Verse of the Day

8 Owe nothing to anyone—except for your obligation to love one another. If you love your neighbor, you will fulfill the requirements of God’s law.

Romans 13:8

Fearful to Fearless

3 He has given me a new song to sing,
a hymn of praise to our God.
Many will see what he has done and be amazed.
They will put their trust in the LORD.

Psalm 40:3

Biblical Truth:

Make God your hope, worship and trust in Him even during extended hardship. Rejoice knowing that you are secured by the sacrifice of Christ.


Today – Day 211

  • Isaiah 54
    • God’s plans for growing His family and His people went beyond the Jewish people.
    • God calls his people to not be afraid, to not live with disgrace
    • God’s love for his people is everlasting and filled with compassion for us.
    • The new Jerusalem will be incredible – as God recreates it, He will use precious jewels and build an incredible foundation from lapis lazuli. Towers of rubies, gates of shining gems, and walls of precious stones
    • Let’s learn from the Lord so that we may enjoy great peace
    • God makes a great promise to those who are called children of God:

15 If any nation comes to fight you,
it is not because I sent them.
Whoever attacks you will go down in defeat.16 “I have created the blacksmith
who fans the coals beneath the forge
and makes the weapons of destruction.
And I have created the armies that destroy.17 But in that coming day
no weapon turned against you will succeed.
You will silence every voice
raised up to accuse you.
These benefits are enjoyed by the servants of the LORD;
their vindication will come from me.
I, the LORD, have spoken!

    • God promises that no weapon turned against us will prosper or succeed.
  • Isaiah 55
    • God has come to offer us salvation
    • Are you thirsty? Then drink from the well that will never run dry. Are you hungry?
    • God’s plan is that we will find life and life to the full
    • Seek the Lord while you can still find Him.
    • Call on the Lord while He is near.
    • Turn back to the Lord that He may have mercy on you and forgive you.
    • His ways aren’t our ways, but His ways are beyond our ways. They are higher, they are wider, they are deeper, they are better.
  • Isaiah 56

1 This is what the LORD says:
“Be just and fair to all.
Do what is right and good,
for I am coming soon to rescue you
and to display my righteousness among you.2 Blessed are all those
who are careful to do this.
Blessed are those who honor my Sabbath days of rest
and keep themselves from doing wrong.3 “Don’t let foreigners who commit themselves to the LORD say,
‘The LORD will never let me be part of his people.’
And don’t let the eunuchs say,
‘I’m a dried-up tree with no children and no future.’4 For this is what the LORD says:
I will bless those eunuchs
who keep my Sabbath days holy
and who choose to do what pleases me
and commit their lives to me.5 I will give them—within the walls of my house—
a memorial and a name
far greater than sons and daughters could give.
For the name I give them is an everlasting one.
It will never disappear!6 “I will also bless the foreigners who commit themselves to the LORD,
who serve him and love his name,
who worship him and do not desecrate the Sabbath day of rest,
and who hold fast to my covenant.7 I will bring them to my holy mountain of Jerusalem
and will fill them with joy in my house of prayer.
I will accept their burnt offerings and sacrifices,
because my Temple will be called a house of prayer for all nations.8 For the Sovereign LORD,
who brings back the outcasts of Israel, says:
I will bring others, too,
besides my people Israel.”

    • God so desires you to be a part of His family. His grace and mercy are greater than we could ever imagine.Turn to Him and don’t believe the lies of the devil who doesn’t want you to know and believe how much God loves you and wants you to be a part of His family and have your name written in His Book of Life.
    • We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow on earth, so decide today to follow God.
  • Isaiah 57

1 Good people pass away;
the godly often die before their time.
But no one seems to care or wonder why.
No one seems to understand
that God is protecting them from the evil to come.2 For those who follow godly paths
will rest in peace when they die.

    • If peace and hope are your desire, choose life and pursue after God.
    • Beware those who will not choose or turn back for their outcome won’t be pleasant.
    • It isn’t too late to turn back and be forgiven

14 God says, “Rebuild the road!
Clear away the rocks and stones
so my people can return from captivity.”15 The high and lofty one who lives in eternity,
the Holy One, says this:
“I live in the high and holy place
with those whose spirits are contrite and humble.
I restore the crushed spirit of the humble
and revive the courage of those with repentant hearts.16 For I will not fight against you forever;
I will not always be angry.
If I were, all people would pass away—
all the souls I have made.17 I was angry,
so I punished these greedy people.
I withdrew from them,
but they kept going on their own stubborn way.18 I have seen what they do,
but I will heal them anyway!
I will lead them.
I will comfort those who mourn,19 bringing words of praise to their lips.
May they have abundant peace, both near and far,”
says the LORD, who heals them.20 “But those who still reject me are like the restless sea,
which is never still
but continually churns up mud and dirt.21 There is no peace for the wicked,”
says my God.

  • Isaiah 58
    • We need to worship in spirit and truth.
    • We need to make it more than just a ritual or routine, but truly walk with God daily
    • Let’s confess our sins and turn back to God before it is too late
    • It’s a matter of the heart. God knocking will you let Him in?
    • Will you allow the Spirit of God to move into Your heart?
    • Will you ask Jesus to come into your life and help you?

6 “No, this is the kind of fasting I want:
Free those who are wrongly imprisoned;
lighten the burden of those who work for you.
Let the oppressed go free,
and remove the chains that bind people.7 Share your food with the hungry,
and give shelter to the homeless.
Give clothes to those who need them,
and do not hide from relatives who need your help.8 “Then your salvation will come like the dawn,
and your wounds will quickly heal.
Your godliness will lead you forward,
and the glory of the LORD will protect you from behind.9 Then when you call, the LORD will answer.
‘Yes, I am here,’ he will quickly reply.
“Remove the heavy yoke of oppression.
Stop pointing your finger and spreading vicious rumors!10 Feed the hungry,
and help those in trouble.
Then your light will shine out from the darkness,
and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon.11 The LORD will guide you continually,
giving you water when you are dry
and restoring your strength.
You will be like a well-watered garden,
like an ever-flowing spring.12 Some of you will rebuild the deserted ruins of your cities.
Then you will be known as a rebuilder of walls
and a restorer of homes.13 “Keep the Sabbath day holy.
Don’t pursue your own interests on that day,
but enjoy the Sabbath
and speak of it with delight as the LORD’s holy day.
Honor the Sabbath in everything you do on that day,
and don’t follow your own desires or talk idly.14 Then the LORD will be your delight.
I will give you great honor
and satisfy you with the inheritance I promised to your ancestor Jacob.
I, the LORD, have spoken!”

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