Feeling overburdened? Feeling overworked? Feeling stressed because of what others are doing or saying? Listen when God tells you to say no.

Are you
feeling stressed?
Are you
under a lot of pressure?
Are the people
you are leading feeling

weeping over their situation?
Have you gotten to
your limit?
Have you told anybody
do you continue
to be a yes man?

We can do all things through Christ who strengthens me refers to various trials and situations we face that God will help us through. It doesn’t mean we can take on so many responsibilities that we completely burn out though. It is possible that there is too much.

Is it too much? It’s okay to admit it.

It is ok to say no to some things in order to be able to really enjoy life the way God intended

NEWSFLASH: We don’t have to be like everyone else or keep up with anyone else. We were created with our own purpose by God. His word tells us that He won’t give us more than we can handle. It doesn’t say we won’t take more than we can handle though, so make sure to be sure that God is in everything that You are doing and saying yes to.

TODO: Be who God created you to be and don’t apologize for it. Find that balance of responsibility God has established for you to live in so that you can enjoy life instead of making yourself sick by being overloaded with stress and pressure. When you reach your limit, go to God, just like Moses did He will help you find a healthier lifestyle.

(Notes from today’s devotional)

When it is ok to say “No”

12 Did I give birth to them? Did I bring them into the world? Why did you tell me to carry them in my arms like a mother carries a nursing baby? How can I carry them to the land you swore to give their ancestors?

Numbers 11:12

Prayer Starter: (from the devotional linked here)

God, sometimes it’s hard for me to slow down and say no to more responsibility. Help me to live with the balance of responsibility You created for me, so I can live with Your peace and enjoy life.

Heavenly Father,
I thank You Lord for this new day and for all that is in it. I praise You Lord for the time I get to come and spend with You each morning that helps my day get started out on the right foot. I praise You Lord for sending me a workout partner so that we can encourage and support one another as we exercise. I praise You Lord that You send reminders to me at times when I may be over extending myself or doing things in a way that limits my ability to do what is supposed to be my top priorities. I remember the issue many years ago that impacted my health, my marriage, and priorities. I thank You Lord for helping to pull me back and remind me of the priorities with You at the top, my marriage (my wife) next, my children next which provides me the top 3. I thank You Lord for the blessings of being able to serve You with a great job as Your Word teaches that praise is a way of life and what I do and how I do it are continuous praise to You. I thank You for allowing me to even serve Your body of believers at church. I pray for more helpers Lord on the tech team – in particular the media/computer seat. Lord, help me to lead, to find, and to glorify You in everything I do. Help me to send people Your way and just as the moon doesn’t create light, but reflects the light of the sun, help me Lord to reflect the light and the love of Jesus Your Son as I step into the world. As I step out today, may You receive all the praise, the honor, and the glory in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Verse of the Day

14 I have rejoiced in your laws as much as in riches.

Psalm 119:14

Fearful to Fearless

7 For the angel of the LORD is a guard;
he surrounds and defends all who fear him.

Psalm 34:7

Biblical Truth: In obedience to God the angels of the Lord watch over those who worship Him, they serve and protect against the power of evil.


Today – Day 199
  • Isaiah 23
    • Ever think to yourself or within a group of close friends, “Remember the good old days?”
    • God is good. God is love. God is light.
    • Will you stand in the light or will you walk out of it?
    • Will you walk with God or have you walked away?
    • Where do you want to spend eternity?
    • We have all been given freewill – so choose.
    • Your choice does matter, not just now, but forever.
    • Don’t let pride get in the way.
    • Would you rather correct the course you are going down or have your course corrected or find yourself lost in the end?
  • Isaiah 24
    • Turn back to God
    • Repent, turn back from your sins, turn to Jesus and ask Him into Your heart, allow Him to be Your Lord and Savior
    • Everyone needs compassion, Love that’s never failing, Forgiveness, Kindness of a Savior
    • Will you be rescued when He return?
    • Will you have to deal with the wrath and the consequences?
    • Will you be part of the remnant who will shout and sing for joy, praising and giving God the glory?
    • Don’t be part of the round up of the proud rulers.
    • There will be a new heaven and a new earth. There will be a new Jerusalem where God will live with His people. Streets of Gold…
  • Isaiah 25
    • God is just. He has provided a Savior. He will also provide judgment in the end where we will all be held accountable for what we have done.
    • He will in the end remove the doom and gloom
    • The people will proclaim

“This is our God!
We trusted in him, and he saved us!
This is the LORD, in whom we trusted.
Let us rejoice in the salvation he brings!”

Our city is strong!
We are surrounded by the walls of God’s salvation.2 Open the gates to all who are righteous;
allow the faithful to enter.3 You will keep in perfect peace
all who trust in you,
all whose thoughts are fixed on you!4 Trust in the LORD always,
for the LORD GOD is the eternal Rock.5 He humbles the proud
and brings down the arrogant city.
He brings it down to the dust.6 The poor and oppressed trample it underfoot,
and the needy walk all over it.7 But for those who are righteous,
the way is not steep and rough.
You are a God who does what is right,
and you smooth out the path ahead of them.8 LORD, we show our trust in you by obeying your laws;
our heart’s desire is to glorify your name.9 All night long I search for you;
in the morning I earnestly seek for God.
For only when you come to judge the earth
will people learn what is right.10 Your kindness to the wicked
does not make them do good.
Although others do right, the wicked keep doing wrong
and take no notice of the LORD’s majesty.11 O LORD, they pay no attention to your upraised fist.
Show them your eagerness to defend your people.
Then they will be ashamed.
Let your fire consume your enemies.12 LORD, you will grant us peace;
all we have accomplished is really from you.13 O LORD our God, others have ruled us,
but you alone are the one we worship.14 Those we served before are dead and gone.
Their departed spirits will never return!
You attacked them and destroyed them,
and they are long forgotten.15 O LORD, you have made our nation great;
yes, you have made us great.
You have extended our borders,
and we give you the glory!16 LORD, in distress we searched for you.
We prayed beneath the burden of your discipline.17 Just as a pregnant woman
writhes and cries out in pain as she gives birth,
so were we in your presence, LORD.18 We, too, writhe in agony,
but nothing comes of our suffering.
We have not given salvation to the earth,
nor brought life into the world.19 But those who die in the LORD will live;
their bodies will rise again!
Those who sleep in the earth
will rise up and sing for joy!
For your life-giving light will fall like dew
on your people in the place of the dead!

  • God has a plan to return and restore. Some will choose to be restore in the Spirit through a relationship with the Lord. Others …

20 Go home, my people,
and lock your doors!
Hide yourselves for a little while
until the LORD’s anger has passed.21 Look! The LORD is coming from heaven
to punish the people of the earth for their sins.
The earth will no longer hide those who have been killed.
They will be brought out for all to see.

  • Isaiah 27
    • Be a part of the book of life. Be a member of the family of God.
    • Turn to God for He has a great plan and purpose for you and your life
    • Get ready for the trumpet sound…


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