Work knowing that He is with you and will reward your diligent effort. Look around you, what do you see from where you are?

Where are you right now? Have you gotten to a new place and wondered what is next for you? Did you walk there or did you ride the wave there? Did you choose that place or was it chosen for you? It seems that in life we get to a place where we need to... Continue Reading →


Where do you put your trust? Where do you get your strength? How do you know what to do? How do you know where to go?

Did you hear what I heard? Did you see what I saw? Do you want to hear what I heard? Do you want to see what I saw? God is calling out to you. He is running out to see you so that He can wrap His arms around you and tell you how much... Continue Reading →

How bad do you want to know. How are hard will you look for it? The truth is available for those who seek it.

Don’t allow distractions and activities to keep you from hearing God speak. Draw near to Him so that nothing can keep you from hearing his voice. There are many things that can keep you busy but in the end everything will pass away, but God will still be there and you definitely want to have... Continue Reading →

Looking for a little bit of peace? Looking for a way, a better way to enjoy life? Looking change? Looking for answers?

A vital piece to enjoying life is to live in and under God’s peace. So each day let’s take small steps towards peace to encourage and not lose hope while drawing closer to God and His love and His power, which produces a peace that goes beyond all understanding. Tips from today’s devotional reading: 1.... Continue Reading →

Needing hope and confidence? Looking peace? Put your trust in God.

Looking for that priceless gift of an attitude of peace and calm? Turn to God and start to live an attitude that says “I’m trusting God” and see how powerfully it will speak into Your life and to those around you. It isn’t a quick and easy transformation, but rather it takes time, focus, and... Continue Reading →

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