Talking about …Be like men who wait for their master…

Be prepared as the Lord returns. He desires to give you His kingdom. He warns us to be ready for we are His children.

Luke 12:32-40

Jesus explands on his first statement, giving further details about the coming time.

  • He explains the punishment for those who aren’t prepared. Luke 12:47-48
  • He explains the responsibilities and rewards… Luke 12:48
  • He forshadows the end times Luke 12:40-59
    • He asks how people can tell what is happening with the weather, but not realize what He is telling them about the end times. Do what is right. Resolve issues without and before going to court. Luke 12:54-59

Give Everything to God. God needs to be your first priority. Trust God as He does all things for Good. Trust God as all His promises will be accomplished.

Abraham trusted in the Lord. The Lord promised that the world and his descendants were to come from Isaac. The Lord ask Abraham to take Isaac and offer Him as a burnt offering. And He took his son to complete what God had asked. Abraham knew the promise and trusted in God. He must have believe that God would bring his son back to life afterwards since his son was to give him generations upon generations of family. But God intervened and stopped him just before it took place, knowing Abraham’s heart was to serve him and told him to use the ram that was caught in a thicket by its horns as the offering. – Genesis 22

Now that is what you call trust. That is what you call giving everything to God.

God wants all of you. Lean on Him. Trust in Him. And He will make your path straight.

Be strong in the Lord. Do what is right.


– 1/15/2005 8:37:04 PM

What do they want? Who are they? The people, sir. The people who surround you and I. Do you know the skills God has given you? God hasn’t given me skills. I’ve had to learn them all. What do like to do? I love to play and listen to music, hang out with my friends, and talk all night with Chel. What are you good at doing? I’m good at the guitar.. somewhat good at sketching. What classes do you like? Math, Biology, History, Music, and English. What types of sports or extra-curricular activities do you like? (football, basketball, hockey, music, art, dance) I used to be a basketball player. I’m in a band. I dance a lot.. Mainly to songs that have the steps to them – Copperhead Road, Atomic Dog, Cotton-eyed Joe, and so forth. Is that your wife in the picture in your profile, Phil?


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